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Nikon Working on Multilayer Hybrid Sensor


We have seen Multilayer sensor patents before but this patent is really a technological breakthrough. Nikon patent documents reveled that Nikon is working on 2 layer sensor with Phase AF pixel inside.


Take a look at the patent details of the image

Patent Publication No. 2016-192645
Published 2016.11.10
Filing date 2015.3.31
Nikon patent
2-layer sensor
Phase difference detection direction of the first imaging device and the second imaging element differs
The second imaging device receives the complementary color wavelength components

More Nikon Multilayer sensor patents

Canon and Sony both using Hybrid sensors in their fullframe and APS-C sensor based cameras. Nikon still using contrast-detect based sensors in APS-C and fullframe DSLRs. And use of traditional sensors result use of contrast based AF in LIVE VIEW and Video mode. Nikon do need advance sensor technology to overcome the contrast based AF issue in DSLRs.


source – egami

6 comments to Nikon Working on Multilayer Hybrid Sensor

  • check

    Typical Nikon, years behind everyone else, recently doing lenses using the same tech they slagged off Canon for using, still rubbish in mirrorless market, now looking to do sensors that everyone else already has. terrible design for camera-wifi, terrible lens line up for DX cameras, expensive for no acceptable reason. God they need to just give up.

  • Robert Allen Schambach

    You can say what you want but Nikon makes great glass and the D810 even though it’s over two years old the sensor is about 10 points above anything that Canon makes, so I don’t get your point. Stop bashing and just take photos with the camera of your choice.

  • Tieu Ngao

    @ check: If you understand the differences between Canon’s, Sony’s and Nikon’s multilayer sensors, then please explain to enlighten us. If you don’t then we can’t help wonder why you say “to do sensors that everyone else already has”.

    BTW this page says that “this patent is really a technological breakthrough” without further explanation.

  • Still very happy with my D180 and Nikon glass, people are too hung up on small technical details and and aren’t happy unless they have the best and mosted cameras available instead of just going out and taking photo, which I have been doing for the last 40 years.

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