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Nikon Working on Head Mount Display Unit

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Nikon working on Head Mount Display display units to enhance the Mirrorless camera capabilities? These display will have all the basic functions that a normal Head Mount Display does, additionally it can also sync with your Nikon Mirrorless cameras.

This is not first Nikon Head Mount Display Patent, before this patent Nikon also filed 2 more patents back on 2001 and 2008, but they never appeared in the production line.

Nikon Head Mount Display Detects Pupil Movement

The entire viewable area is divided into 15 different zones to detect viewers pupil movement. Most probably the first generation of Nikon handsfree Display will have 15 AF zones for Eye AF support of Mirrorless cameras. The VR unit also have storage and a processing unit.

Patent Details (Translated)

A cross-sectional view schematically showing a configuration of a external display according to the first embodiment of the present invention .  The display device for both eyes. HMD10 includes a display unit 104L for the left eye, and a display unit 104R for the right eye, the controller 101

When, and a storage device 103. In the following description, the display unit 104L and a display unit 104R for the right eye left eye, collectively referred to as the display unit 104.

Control device 101, a CPU (not shown) and its peripheral circuits, by executing the storage medium (not shown) reads a predetermined control program, controls the HMD 10. Storage device 103 stores image data to be reproduced by the HMD 10. Controller 101 reads the image data stored in the storage device 103 as the input image data, reproduced as an observable image from the viewer.

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