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Nikon Will Attend the CES 2018 Event

Nikon at CES show image

Earlier we have posted that Nikon isn’t attending the CES 2018 event. But, Thanks to Thom Hogan and Doug Who told us that Nikon is attending the CES 2018 Event.

Why the confusion was occurred ? Since, Nikon isn’t listed any “official” CES press conference schedule, and that’s why we thought Nikon isn’t attending. But, they are coming and as Thom said “Companies don’t always list their press conferences there because they want to limit the press to their own specific contacts, not the broader CES ones. Thus, you can’t even say that Nikon won’t have a new product at CES. Indeed, it’s likely that they will (e.g. Coolpix P900 followup).”

At the moment we don’t know what actually coming at CES show, May be Nikon P1000 🙂  Well, Nikon have lot’s of announcement overdue, that includes Nikon D650, Nikon P1000, Nikon D760 and Nikon D5s. So, we have to wait and watch.

Nikon and Canon Booth Information

Nikon and Canon Booth information CES 2018


Nikon do have a lot announcement left for 2018, take look at – Nikon upcoming upcoming camera 2018.

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4 comments to Nikon Will Attend the CES 2018 Event

  • Joe Prete

    It was Nikon’s plan, to piss off those Pesky “Rumor Sites”. …Hey, from the floor plan diagram above, it would appear that Canon is working on a new 16:9 format, while Nikon is content with it’s FX cameras!

  • Nik

    Well Nikon isn’t open about their schedule, We may see New DL series announcement this year.

    Thanks for letting us know, We will keep eye on Nikon 🙂

  • podnar

    Dear Sirs,

    What is with NIKON DL cameras?


    Janez Podnar

  • Stella

    Well actually I don’t care about Canon and Nikon both

    Since Nikon isn’t adapting hybrid sensors for its DSLR and Canon $2k cameras limited to Full HD videos…. They are struggling to compete against Sony
    Thanks to Samsung who left camera industry after making NX1 camera…. that saved Canikon life

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