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Nikon Upcoming Cameras in 2019

Nikon upcoming DSLR and Mirrorless rumored to arrive in 2019. We have created a list based on information’s coming from anonymous sources from past few months.  The first three camera pointed out are DSLR, as per rumor we have the announcement will happen once the stock lines will become clear for the new ones. So, you can expect the announcement of these DSLRs within in beginning or Mid of 2019.

1. Nikon D5700

Nikon D5600 update is also expected to arrive in the beginning of 2019. We do expect that Nikon D5700 will have 4K and a brand new sensor. We have written a article a while ago, Nikon D5700 – Release date and Everything We Expect.

2. Nikon D760

This year we will have the successor of Nikon D750 camera. The camera is rumored to have 4K video capability and enhanced core specification. The expected arrival date of the camera is Q1 / Q2 of 2020.

3. Nikon D7600

Nikon D7500 update is also overdue and scheduled to arrive in the year of 2019. The date of arrival isn’t known yet. The camera is said to feature same core specs as of Nikon D500 camera.

4. More Nikon Mirrorless Announcement on its way

Nikon representatives clearly hinted that there will be models below Nikon Z6, and Nikon APS-C Sensor based Mirrorless cameras are also coming. (see full post here). We don’t have the exact dates now when Nikon will introduce a new APS-C or DX Format mirrorless camera or a  affordable version of Nikon Z6 Mirrorless camera. But, these words are coming from Nikon itself, you can say its a kind of unofficial confirmation,

5. 58mm F0.95 and more Mirrorless lenses  are planned

The list of Mirrorless fullframe lenses coming in 2019 include 20mm F1.8, 85mm F1.8, 24-70mm F2.8, 70-200mm F2.8 and 14-30mm F4. The most attractive out of all these lenses are ofcourse 58mm F0.95.

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10 comments to Nikon Upcoming Cameras in 2019

  • Can’t wait for this cameras to arrive.

  • subrato

    Cool… My nearest Nikon shop was very eager to sell its Nikon D5600 camera to me… he was also ready to give 10% extra discount on msrp…

  • steven

    Nikon D750 is an overdue announcement from Nikon. But, to be fair instead of buying or waiting for Nikon D750 sucessor I have already purchased the Nikon Z6.

    Since Nikon Z6 can get all the FX Lenses and it gives you the advantage of on sensor PDAF like a mirrorless camera… since it is a mirrorless camera. So, my point is instead of wasting your money in Nikon DSLRs go Mirrorless.

  • Mike

    Nikon is always a great company and highly respected brand… I love to be a part of Nikon fmaily

  • Sarju jajal

    Nikon d760 launching month ???

  • Karishma dsouza

    Am planning to take a camera now but am confused should I wait till November for the new camera release or should I buy Nikon z6. Please help your suggestions would really mean to me am very confused right now

  • Pintu kumar rana

    Nikon d760 release date and price

  • juan pech

    I WAS thinking about purchasing the d750 but I saw it came out in 2014, so I KNOW there is definitely a new version coming out very soon. the question is WHEN? anyone knows!!!

  • admin

    According to rumors Nikon do have two FX bodies in announcement pipeline, so you can wait few more months for D750 successor or you can go with Nikon Z6.

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