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Firmware Update

Nikon to Extend Nikon D5 4k Video Recording Limit

Nikon D5 Video Limit ProblemNikon D5 was announced with 4K video mode but the big problem was Nikon 4K video limit was limited to 3 minutes only or 4GB of file size, So the big question is How to increase the Nikon D5 video limit?

So Back on January 22, 2016 we have reported that Nikon actively working to increase the video limit of Nikon D5 camera.

According to latest copy of Nikon Pro Magazine, Nikon will soon  announce a firmware update to solve the Video recording problem of Nikon D5 camera. After applying the firmware update to the camera Nikon D5 video recording limit touches 30 minutes.

First Understand the problem of Nikon D5

According to a Nikon Pro magazine the Nikon D5 recording is limited to 3 minutes due to the 4GB file size limit.

latest edition of Nikon Pro magazine

How Nikon D5 can creates a 30 min 4K video ?

The answer is very simple, Nikon upcoming firmware update will include a splitter software. That will automatically split 4GB files into pieces and will notify you via display monitor . You will get notification when a piece of 4GB file is about to be end and when next file starts. Later on All the pieces of 4GB file will be blended flawlessly to create a 30min long recording.

When Nikon D5 firmware is available ?

Nikon D5 next firmware update is expected to arrive at June 2016 according to latest rumors. However, Nikon pro magazine confirmed that the upcoming update is free of charge .

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