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Nikon to Beat Sony A7III Mirrorless Camera [Rumors]

Ok, we have the rumors that Nikon is working on a mirrorless camera that directly going to compete against the Sony A7 III mirrorless camera. We have already seen that Sony created or market sensation by announcing the Sony A7 III mirrorless camera, at the price of $2,000. We are getting a bunch of his specification that is better than today’s leading FF / APS-C DSLR available at same price range.

Latest Updates – Nikon Next Mirroless Camera

  • According to sources of veteran Rumor Mill, Nikon is working on affordable mirrorless camera that is priced somewhere around $2,000 and will going to compete against the existing Sony A7 III Ultra popular mirrorless Camera.
  • Sources also suggest that the upcoming camera will going to have features that never been seen before in any camera. Well that’s really interesting thing to look at because we have already seen and lots of patent that includes a curve sensor camera,  camera with stacked CMOS sensor, fingerprint sensor and lenses that can detect your fingers moments [with bio-metric sensors] to do everything required [from Zoom-in to out also storing photographers ID while taking snap]. At the same time we have also seen Nikon is working on their own versions of DPAF sensors.

One retractable zoom lens is also coming along with Nikon fullframe mirrorless camera.  More details we be reveled once the announcement date reaches closer to us.

When Nikon Mirrorless Camera is actually coming ?

Well Nikon says the Mirrorless camera from Nikon will arrive next year, but Rumor mills have a different story and according to them Nikon do have some hidden surprised for upcoming Photokina event.

As we have already published a while ago that, Nikon finally opens about their plan about the introduction of Mirrorless cameras. According to latest Nikon Manager interview Published at Japanese TV network NHK, Nikon will going to introduce New Mirrorless system cameras before Spring of next year.

At the same time recently we are also getting rumor that We may see some big surprises in the Month of Aug / Sep 2018.

We will update you soon as we get any new news information related to Nikon upcoming Mirrorless camera.

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4 comments to Nikon to Beat Sony A7III Mirrorless Camera [Rumors]

  • Timothy McClanahan

    I thought I read somewhere that a curved sensor won’t work with a zoom lens; was that just BS?

  • Odin

    Zoom won’t make a difference for curved sensors.

    All I can say bring it on Nikon and please better ergonomics, build and sealing than the Sony’s. However, you better deliver, you and Canon won’t get too many chances to finally offer competitive FF mirrorless cameras.

  • Rainer

    The Nikon mirrorless (FF) cam will really be exciting…
    But I doubt any curved sensor will be involved: Because of the very close distance of wide-angle lenses it may be appropriate. (But I imagine the curvature has to be changed with every different focal length… And, still Sony is the maker of the sensor…) … oops, yeah … and for tele lensens a curvature is not wanted.

  • YogiMik

    I hope, Nikon will bring on RF style camera with tilty LCD and manual controls, big specs wearers friendly EVF with outstanding manual focus aid.
    If IQ, and user experience will be improved, then I’ll leave Fuji system for Nikon.
    When user experience will be bad, even fancy sensor, and not needed gadgets will not make me interested.
    Common Nikon . . . kick that Sony’s ass . . . because Canon is dead for me …
    Sony will never tempt me.

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