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Nikon Profit Going Down - 2015

We have published the the article on November 9th, 2014,  that Nikon Sales Down – Still Making Profit in the same article we have also published the financial estimation for the year ending on March 31, 2015. Now according to article published today… Nikon results for the 3rd quarter of the year ending March 31, 2015 announced and they also published a revised consolidated financial forecast for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2015:

According to the forecast published today, the Nikon net sales are down and profit is down from 9 months, they also reported $0.14 earnings per share vs. the estimate of $0.22.


According to latest financial results for the 3rd quarter of the year ending March 31, 2015, the sales as well as income is also decreased for Q3 and 3 quarters total year on year. The good news is D-SLR and compact DSC almost achieved the sales volume forecast. But, the Q3 sales dropped 8% quarter on quarter, but operating income maintained the previous years ratio of approximately 11% by improving product mix and promoting cost reduction activities.


Nikon Imaging business estimation for the year ending March 31, 2015

Sales volume forecast for Q4 is reduced for digital camera-interchangeable lens type and interchangeable lens. Sales forecast remains unchanged, but operating income forecast is downwardly revised.

What do you think the real reason behind the drop of sales of Nikon camera… may be the ultra-fast development of mirrorless segment camera is responsible for shrinking DSLR market or advance smartphones crushed the compact camera world… or both reason is true ?.. share your thoughts with us

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4 comments to Nikon Profit Going Down – 2015

  • I have a Nikon D800 for almost 3 years. It is not very friendly camera, niether is. Digital cameras have become very advanced, but very complicated and confused in use. What I need is pro quality FF camera but very friendly in use and very simple. I would buy such camera.

  • Alien of death

    Wondering if D810 is ” friendlier” as thinking of getting wun?

  • Rich leach

    I have been using Nikon gear for over 30 years. I bet I have more Nikon gear than John Shaw and Joe McNally put together. I have every lens Nikon currently makes (including all of their fixed long glass 200mm to 800mm). I say all this to establish the fact that over the years, I have really loved my Nikon gear and have never been afraid to spend big dollars to get the shot. But since 2012, I find myself feeling as though Nikon has completely lost touch with their target audience. That the Nikon of my past has abandond me….While Nikon is struggling with marketing data and trying to figure out where to go next, they are completely missing the point. GO BACK TO THE BASICS NIKON…!!! Look, the folks still willing to spend money on new gear are becoming very discriminating and fall into very specific camps. The days of, “I really would like nice digital camera,” and the masses go wild, are gone… Instead of trying to predict trends, just make the best camera on the market for the big Photographic professional and hobby categories. That’s it…don’t chase cropped sensor this, or astro camera that, it’s silly stuff with small cult followings. You want to make tons of money, make the best cameras for the people who buy cameras. We love your lenses Nikon, give us the best bodies on the market to use them on. Wildlife = speed, low noise, high ISO, fair number of pixels, strong weather sealed bodies, rigid, 1 full frame sensor and most importantly, 1 CROP SENSOR……Landscape = continue tweaking the D810, its a beautiful camera….continue to improve ISO or better yet, be the first to give us the same number ofixels, but on a bigger sensor with lenses tha can handle that (think awesome IQ in a smaller package), you know a medium format sensor in a DSLR size. They would sell like crazy….that’s not a lazy tweet, but a revolutionary change. Wedding and events = think low light, low noise and speed, ruggid and super intuitive controls. and so on and so on…..listen to the people who buy cameras….we really all want the same things. Quit tweeting…give us something new or we will leave and go to Canon.
    Warm regards,

  • Joe Prete

    It’s not the Products at Nikon that’s the problem, it’s the People. They have the Worst customer service, in the industry!

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