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Nikon P900 vs Nikon P610

Nikon-P900-vs-P610-imgBattle of the Megazooms, Nikon P900 is a recently announced camera and successor of Nikon P610.. take a look at the specification comparison review below and share your thoughts…


Sensor – Both camera shares same sensor resolution and size and even the ISO range is also same, hence we do expect that we will get same image quality from both the camera.


  • With Nikon P900 we get approx 23X more optical zoom, hence if you are looking for zoom camera we highly recommend you to get the new Nikon P900.
  • The other important factor is bright aperture based optical elements, hence at the end the Nikon P900 sensor will get more light compared to the Nikon P610 sensor, so we may observe some better and clean images from Nikon P900 compared to Nikon P610.
  • Both camera can take extreme close-up shots, so no difference in macro capability of both the camera and both lens features same optical based image stabilization system.

Video: The Nikon P900 supports Full HD video recording @ 60fps on the other hand the Nikon P610 limited to 30fps only.

Both camera features Wi-Fi and NFC, it allow you to quickly share photos with family and friends, while the GPS can pinpoint where your images were shot.

Price difference – The Nikon P900 will cost you $100 more than the Nikon P610… so the price difference is not so high compared to the difference of zoom lens (23X)

High ISO Test Between Nikon COOLPIX P900 vs. Nikon COOLPIX P610

Nikon COOLPIX P900 vs. Nikon COOLPIX P610

Verdict: Based on specification comparison review we highly recommend you to buy the Nikon P900 camera, since it features 23X more optical zoom compared to the Nikon P610 and bright aperture zoom lens.

Nikon P610 from Amazon | B&H

Nikon P900 from Amazon | B&H

1 comment to Nikon P900 vs Nikon P610

  • Greg

    I disagree. Your sample images indicate the opposite to be true. The longer zoom on the P900 requires more light and at the far end of the zoom the pictures are much darker. The P900 softens the grainy image to the degree that details is lost. Check out the images posted on and by the blog. It took a very bright sun, as was on the Statue of Liberty, to get a long zoom shot and the image appeared soft and dimm.

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