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Nikon P600 vs Canon SX50 HS


Nikon P600 features amazing  60x Optical Zoom NIKKOR Super ED VR Lens with 16 Megapixel CMOS sensor, on the other hand Canon has a limited 50X optical zoom and a 12 Megapixel CMOS sensor.

P600-vs-Canon-SX50-HS-1Nikon P600 feature more resolution, more optical zoom and bright lens, the ISO range of Nikon P600 starts from 100 to 12800, so we not only get more zoom but we will also get improved image quality from Nikon P600 when compared to SX50 HS.

Nikon P600 features better shutter range compared to Canon SX50 HS and you also get bit fast shooting speed.

Nikon P600 offers Full HD video recording upto 60fps and on the other hand Canon SX50 HS Full HD video recording to limited to 30fps only.

Nikon P600 features better and bigger display unit compared to Nikon P600.

Nikon P600 also offers Built-in WiFi for remote shooting and wireless file sharing, No built-in or optional WiFi available in SX50 HS.

Verdict:  Nikon P600 features more zoom, more megapixel and  more ISO range for better low-light perforamnce, hence we recommend you to buy Nikon P600 over Canon SX50 HS

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10 comments to Nikon P600 vs Canon SX50 HS

  • Norman

    The Nikon P600 is not released yet and still you recommend buying it over the Canon SX50 just because it has more megapixels?

  • admin

    As you can see the comparison is based on the specification, not only megapixel you also get more ISO range, more optical zoom and built-in WiFi, we do fair review and we are not owned or sponsored buy any brand or product.

  • Norman

    So image quality is of no interest to you?

  • Shion

    Interesting comparison thanks. A tough choice for this class of camera buyers at the moment.
    Owning both a P500 and a SX50 over time the sx50 became the camera of choice as Canon just more often took better looking pictures, they’ve packed quality in those 12mp and far better image stabilization in the sx50 much better for handheld shooting.
    The Nikon form factor, design, is better, feels better in your hand sometimes the Canon just feels downright awkward to hold with the left side buttons rarely used.
    The Nikon coolpix series have been the better choice for novice auto clicking holiday snappers and the Canons for those wanting to get into taking better pictures.
    With the beefy new specs the Nikon has certainly outclassed the Canon on paper, it will be interesting to see comparison photos.
    The question I’m asking myself, do I buy this, or hold out for Canons next offering (the sx60?).
    The big zoom race will continue, it’s a lot of fun, these type of cameras are just phenomenal technology.

  • admin

    Yes even we are sure that Canon will bring its next super zoom camera very soon.

  • EE

    Have to disagree with your statement that Nikon will have better image quality. The Canon has the same size sensor but larger (and fewer) pixels. That means it should be more sensitive, i.e. much better low light performance. The real contest will be in the quality of the optics.

    Also, the Canon goes down to ISO 80 (vs 100 for Nikon), so should have better bright light performance too. ISO over about 1600 is a joke – only pro grade digital cameras take decent photos above that.

  • El ñato yorugua

    La SX50 HS permite guardar el RAW y pasar de éste a TIFF uncompressed; esto de por sí ya hace que sea superior a la Nikon; lo demás son chucherías para quienes no aprovechan del todo las cámaras.

  • natire

    hello, I’m newbie and i had the canon sx50 and now I bought the nikon p600. I feel that the nikon has a slower processor, it can be?
    i meen that takes longer to recover in the photo viewer, could you help me? thanks

  • fakhir abrar

    u mention the iso of p 600 is 12800 and canan 50 hs , 6400..and the other side snapsort mention the iso of p 600 is 1600 ..and canan 50 hs 6400.. ,,, which report is right.. tell me the iso is high in which set nikon p 600 ,,or canan 5o hs..

  • admin

    We are right, our staff carefully hand-pick camera specification.

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