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Firmware Update

Nikon P1000 Camera Zoom Test

Well let’s talk about the Zoom test of  Nikon P1000  (B&H and You can see in the Video above that camera is able to do massive amount of 125 x optical zoom with the newly added zoom lens.

We are one of the first website to told you that Nikon p1000 camera will going to have a 125x optical zoom lens based on the patent that Nikon. After that with the Nikon Chinese compact camera, manufacturing unit was shut down. And Nikon p1000 update was postponed at last year, we are the one of the first website to told you again that the manufacturing of the Nikon p1000 camera is now being shifted to Thailand instead of China.

Now, this page we will be having more Nikon 1000 camera zoom test videos as soon they are surface out.

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3 comments to Nikon P1000 Camera Zoom Test

  • Susan Killins

    I really want to know when it hits the market. I have been using the P900 since it first came out, and LOVE it, but this one will be oh so much better. Takes care of all the complaints I had with this one. Can’t wait, want it now.

  • This is not a zoom test. You just show the moon on a video that can be a cropped image! If you want to be reliable, start from 24mm and go up to 3000mm. But I guess, if you do so, things will be shaky and not as “cool” as shown.

    In other words, this video is stupid.

  • Peter Breukel

    Zoom Test video?? I don’t think so!
    Very disappointing. With what you’ve just shown I’m better off getting the p900!
    Impress us please.

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