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Firmware Update

Nikon operating profit is now down to 50%

Based on the  financial results for the period from April to June 2019. Nikon operating profit is now down to 50%.  In the consolidated financial results for the April-June period 2019 announced by Nikon on the 6th of this month [August 2019]. The company’s net profit decreased by 50% year-on-year to 8.2 billion yen.

The Total sales of interchangeable lens cameras, including mirrorless cameras, decreased by 21% to 450,000 units.

Mr. Masashi Oka said, “The digital camera market is getting worse and the business performance in the second quarter and thereafter is becoming more uncertain.”

also see – Canon Profit Down to 40% [Fiscal year 2019]

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4 comments to Nikon operating profit is now down to 50%

  • Simfan

    If that is so, why not bring out the big guns ?
    Were are all those new affordable, innovative, Z cameras and lenses !?

  • Hs

    The reason is they hardly use the advanced technology in their professional cameras. I remember after 4K came out, every mobile phone use this ability to their tiny cameras but Nikon and Canon were reluctant to add it to their flagship cameras. When consumers are not triggered enough, how the business should survive? But I can imagine their strategy for future. Manufacturing low quality and low durability cameras to force photographer change their equipment rapidly. The way that other capitalism businesses survive.

  • Guy Hebert

    And i will not be the one to improve these figures. I did not catch the mirror less train with all the new costly lenses wagon. I have decided to keep my big D7100 and all my DX lenses if i need to be a little serious. I’m with Sony now. My new RX100VI is all i need.

  • Derrick Knight

    “profits down to 50%” means something very different than “profits down 50%.”

    The first one would imply that Nikon made $0.50 of profit for every dollar spent last year, and it was previously higher. (Side note: if this was true, they would be outperforming Apple in terms of profit margin) The second means that the total profit this year was half of what it was last year. I believe your article makes it clear that the second statement is what you are attempting to communicate.

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