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Firmware Update

Nikon Mirrorless Official Announcement of Aug 23rd 2018, More Leaked Images

Now you can see more clear images of the upcoming mirrorless cameras. Nikon Mirrorless camera look like Nikon ultra compact fullframe DSLRs. BTW, the lens mount shape is surprisingly large. Hopefully we will get more details very soon.

Finally, we are getting more confirmation that Nikon will pick Aug 23, 2018 as the announcement date of their new FF Mirrorless system cameras. We have already told you in our previous post. That’s a great news, we have bunch of leaked images now with lot’s of information. And we will bring you more UPDATES as we get them.

Nikon Mirrorless Users Group

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4 comments to Nikon Mirrorless Official Announcement of Aug 23rd 2018, More Leaked Images

  • Nikon doesn’t get it that the success of Sony hasn’t got to do with mirror or not. It has to do with technology and pricing. Please Samsung, jump in again to FF to show them all how its made.

  • Yogi Mik

    True. It is way overpriced. Apart from that, many people, incl. myself hate those mini dslr cameras with EVF in the middle. You’ve got to rub your nose hard against LCD, to get a shot. I had a bad experience with X-T1, and after a year of infections on my knob, I’ve got fed up. And, I’m a left eye shooter, like just this woman on the pic above.
    Considering, those lenses are huge, a mini-dslr price is too high, I’m not invested in Nikon glass, I’ve got better option with upcoming Fujifilm’s RF style medium format camera, which costs less, than this Nikon, and prime lenses are smaller than this one on the pic.
    No brainer. RF style, bigger sensor, cheaper, better, smaller lenses, don’t need lens adapter, fantastic Fuji colors. My choice is easy.
    I was waiting for Nikon’s FF MILC, but this offering seems to me in many ways disappointing.

  • Bruce Bevitz

    Gee, I’m happy with my Sony 7RIII with my Sony Glass. Extra extra sharp glass that lets me enlarge to my heart’s content!

  • Dave Haynie

    Samsung didn’t do FF — their system was APS-C. They did, at the time, make the only APS-C sensor at 28 megapixels with BSI technology. Way ahead of their time. I was surprised that, even if they didn’t make it as a camera vendor with the NX system, they didn’t stick around as a vendor of large sensors for other companies.

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