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Nikon is Dying - TonyNorthup

According to TonyNorthup Nikon will die in near future since they are moving towards no profit business. I was really depressed to hear that. But, at the same time We do know that Tony do have good relationship with Sony.

After watching Tony Video I was scrolling comment section.. then I found this

“Companies don’t continue on if they’re losing money…” …this is NOT always true in Japan, home of the “zombie company” phenomenon. It is an ecosystem, wherein the keiretsu (banking cartel) bails out the company, and then the government (controlled by the keiretsu), bails out the cartel. This can go on for years and years before the company is finally allowed to fail. It finally happened to Sharp in 2016, but only after their debt grew to more than 3 times their equity. Nikon is part of the Mitsubishi keiretsu, the most powerful and profitable of them all…

By. Mr.John Hernlund

Nikon isn’t alone..  Phew!

After jumping to Mitsubishi Wiki page, I got confirmation that Nikon Corporation, specializing in optics and imaging is a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which includes these industrial companies:

  • Mitsubishi Motors, the sixth-largest Japan-based car manufacturer.
  • Mitsubishi Atomic Industry, a nuclear power company.
  • Mitsubishi Chemical, the largest Japan-based chemicals company
  • Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, a power generation division
  • Nikon Corporation, specializing in optics and imaging.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Profit in Billion Yen

I think it’s completely safe to invest in Nikon camera / systems since  they are not alone. The company is a part of Mitsubishi group which will support Nikon if they need any help in future.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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8 comments to Nikon is Dying – TonyNorthup

  • OJ

    Oh, the wise grey Tony, he knows everything….

  • It is not gentlemen’s way to publish in this way

    It shows no respect and missing class

    NIKON’s section Cameras is just a part in their entire Corporate Busines, which is running well-

    Respect if here needed, not spread unfunded content


  • Giovanni Fanuele

    chiederei la cortesia di non dare spazio a dei cialtroni! Se non pubblicaste più queste cialtronerie, gente come questa non avrebbe credito e ascoltatori! Non voglio sostenere che siano pagati per dire delle falsità ma, è certo ritenere che affacciandosi al web con notizie che possono colpire migliaia di appassionati che si occupano di fotografia, con la potenza che questa ha nel web, è certo che la cosa attirerà attenzione! Fornire alibi a dei cialtroni di notizie allarmanti rende colpevoli di complicità se tali notizia non sono state controllate e verificate!
    Grazie, cordiali saluti.

  • admin

    Translated version of Giovanni Fanuele

    Good morning,
    I would ask the courtesy not to give space to scoundrels! If you didn’t publish these rogues anymore, people like this would have no credit and listeners! I do not want to claim that they are paid to tell falsehoods, but it is certain to assume that looking at the web with news that can affect thousands of fans involved in photography, with the power it has on the web, it is certain that it will attract attention! Providing alibis with scary news alarms makes you guilty of complicity if the news has not been checked and verified!
    Thank you.

  • Alient

    After Tony price suggestions for new products in a real world Nikon will die sooner then the economy crisis will come again. 😀 And the suggestion to make shitty basic products in Z line is a waste of resources when smart phones does more then everyone needs. To survive the market Nikon need to be competitive with competitors, flexible with supporting products and most affordable in price for customers And of course reliability with their brand. Terrible real example is their 58 noct – why make product who most of us cannot afford? Make price more affordable for most of the Z line users is it made in gold barrel with diamonds inside that the price is so ridiculous. Otherwise competitors will make this better one day with more affordable price anyway and then in the end nothing will matters.

  • George S

    I agree with Giovanni.

  • Luca

    Nikon will live longer than us.

  • Xsp

    Northup and his wife don’t know their …………………………………….. [edited by admin ]

    Admin note – Pls use kind words while commenting

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