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Nikon High-End Premium Compact Camera Coming in early 2016

We all know that Nikon is not updating its high-end compacts from over a year but according to some recent rumors floating over the web Nikon will soon announce a RX100 series like compact camera with 1″ sensor and they will also soon announce the successor of Nikon Coolpix A camera with APS-C sensor.

The cameras will be tagged as “always in your bag” and targeted for pro and semi-pro users.

The rumor is not new and we are reporting it from past few months and thenewcamera.

Why do believe the rumor we have received is true because month ago an interview to Nikon representatives said

Q: Any new Coolpix A? Any plans to respond to Canon and Sony’s 1-inch sensor fixed-lens compact cameras?
A: Sony’s 1-inch CSC is definitely very successful. We will have a competing product in the future.

The source also said that the AF system of the camera will remain same, however the AF speed will increase due to new image processor and advance AF algorithm.

Stay with us and we will bring more update for you.

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3 comments to Nikon High-End Premium Compact Camera Coming in early 2016

  • Nikon refuses to be left completely behind. This will be a great camera for traveling,
    hiking or whatever. Something that is light and not bulky. I will be checking this out when it is released. If I like it, and it isn’t too pricey, I will use it when I don’t want to haul around the DSLR.

  • admin

    Nikon is not updating its high-end compact camera from past 1 year and they must release high-end compacts ASAP since Canon already announced the new G series of compacts camera with 1″ sensor from Sony, Sony also have ultra popular RX series and finally Fuji is also planning to announce X70 camera with 1: sensor.

  • Too bad they aren’t making a full frame version, like the Sony RX1. This is a half way move, not the real deal.

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