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Nikon France Confirms they are Working on Next Gen of Compacts


While talking to “Chasseurs d’Images” French Mag Nikon France President confirms that Nikon is working on next generations of compacts to compete against smartphones.

Take a look at the main points of the interview

  1. Nikon did not stop producing the 810 camera

I feel the first point is bit doubtful since major retails outlets (B&H Store, listed S810c camera as no longer available

2. Nikon has plenty “good quality sensors”

They do have good contact with third-party sensor maker(s) And at the same time we agree that DXO Lab DSLR test score tables are dominated by Nikon DSLRs.

3. Nikon is set to announce new products soon

Yes, of course we do know that Nikon D810 is coming at end of July and Nikon D610 replacement is also expected in next few months.

4.  They are working on a small camera to compete with smartphones.

I think they should also allow 3G/4G calls from smartcamera, then only it can compete witth smartphones.

5. Nikon will not quit the camera business and they are spending a lot of money on research and development.

They should

6. Regarding the Nikon D820, an excellent advice to everyone: “Mais il vous faudra encore un tout petit peu de patience pour avoir plus de details!” (You must have a bit of patience for more details)

7. Regarding Coolpix camera: “R&D effort is geared toward markets with the greatest potential, which is the reason for significantly reducing the Coolpix product line”

8.Regarding 100th anniversary: “As for all good celebrations, let us keep the moment of surprise!”

After reading the interview I feel that Nikon is Alive and kicking, they are working hard to bring back compacts camera glory back to camera industry.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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