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Nikon D850 vs Sony A7R II vs Canon 5D Mark IV - HIGH ISO Test

Nikon D850 features 47 MP sensor and Expeed 5 image processor. The Nikon D850 is Nikon first DSLR to feature BSI CMOS sensor. The sensor is exclusively designed by Nikon and developed by Sony. The sensor The ISO of the camera can be pushed to ISO 32-102400. The camera features standard ISO range of 64-25600.

Now before we begin to see the High ISO test of the Nikon D850 camera, You must know that Nikon D850 has become the world first FF DSLR camera that scored 100 Marks in DXO lab test. And Canon 5D Mark IV is not in even Top 10 list of camera.  But, we have arranged both camera images side by side, what you think is the most important thing. Let’s know in our comment box.

Nikon D850 vs Sony A7R II

The High ISO test between the Nikon and Sony A7R II

Nikon D850 camera controlling color noise more effectively compared to Sony A7R II ? upto some extent yes, But even at ISO 12800 Nikon D850 shows color bleeding issue. (colors are floating out of the box)


Nikon D850 vs Canon 5D Mark IV

Does Nikon D850 showing exceptionally better result compared to 5D Mark IV ? I don’t think so. The Nikon D850 is marginally better in picking up details due to high-res sensor. Just look at the soft edges of the red color box, Nikon D850 samples look bit more soft and melted compared to Canon.

We are waiting for your thoughts, lets is know.

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7 comments to Nikon D850 vs Sony A7R II vs Canon 5D Mark IV – HIGH ISO Test

  • Odin

    Who on earth uses crappy jpg for a high ISO testing, this is not a test of IQ but of jpg processing. Show us the RAW’s processed with a real RAW converter. When you do you’ll see not a lot of difference when resampled to 30MP. D850 shows a bit more detail but noise is about the same when equalised and 5D4 easily matches A7RII at high ISO.

  • Stella

    Nikon is marginally better when compared to Sony A7R II.

    And yes even better than Canon 5D Mark IV sensor.

  • Andy

    the camera does a good job of processing JPEG images in-camera. Each camera is optimized to produce lovely looking JPEG images. So in terms of color tone, skin tones, and contrast, generally the JPEG images look solid out-of-camera.

  • Steve

    Personally I like to see Jpeg test since, being a journalist I didn’t get time to process RAW files.

  • Barry Burgess

    Does anyone else notice that the D850 does not seem to deal with red very well, there seems to be a halo or unsharp edge around the red square.

  • Howard

    Hi, Admin. Your skills at digging up camera-development clues are AWESOME. I read every newsletter you publish. That’s why I’m puzzled about your excitement over DxO’s ranking of the Nikon D850. They rank it as the #2 portrait camera — well above all the Hasselblads. They rank it as the #1 landscape camera — above EVERYTHING. Then for sports, it plummets to #22. It’s way below a full-frame Sony Cybershot that has a fixed 35mm/f2 lens. It’s in a virtual tie with 2 other fixed-lens Cybershots. People who make a living with cameras absolutely wouldn’t let DxO pick one for them! ….By-the-way….your color tests show the Nikon D850 unable to hold clean edges on reds or dark blues by ISO 12,800. At 25,600, look at edges of the D850’s red square next to its yellow square. Red looks like a colored cotton ball. Your Canon 5D Mark IV is balancing colors better at 25,600 than either the Nikon or Sony did at ISO 12,800. Was that what you were trying to show?

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    Looking at dpreview the comparison to 100 handle / 0EV with the 5D4, it is necessary to recognize the good work of Nikon in the development of its new sensor BSI CMOS. The difference is overwhelming. CHAPEAUX NIKON.

    Viendo en dpreview la comparativa a 100 asa/ 0EV con la 5D4, hay que reconocer sr@s, el buen trabajo de Nikon en el desarrollo de su nuevo sensor BSI CMOS. La diferencia es abrumadora. CHAPEAUX NIKON.

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