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Nikon D850 - Some Thoughts on Upcoming Megapixel Monster

Nikon D850 camera image

We are doing a early analysis based on the rumored spec of the camera (spec here). Why do we think Nikon D850 is one of the best camera ever launched by Nikon yet.

One of the biggest reason is its high resolution plus fast image processor,  the resolution of the Nikon d850 is approximate same as Canon 5ds r.

Best AF System

Focusing system of the upcoming Nikon D850 camera is similar to Nikon D5, that is approx 153 auto focusing points which covers 130% more area of the frame compared to Nikon D850

9 Frames Per Second With Battery Grip, Do you need additional camera for shooting sports ?

One of the best thing with Nikon D850 it can shoot 7 frames per second at full resolution and when you add a battery grip in the camera the continuous frame rate increases 9 frames per second.

when you have Nikon D850 camera you don’t have to carry any other camera for shooting sports and actions it will going to do all the job all alone

And when you are going to work in a crop and you are going to get approx 20 MP resolution  from Nikon D850 camera.  and the frame-rate you are going to get in the crop mode is approx 10 to 11 fps with battery grip which is approx same as of Nikon D500.

30fps @ 8MP

Additional, Nikon 850  is also capable to shoot 30fps @ 8MP with the electronic shutter

Nikon D850 is one of the best machine ever built by Nikon And of course it is one of the best camera that a professional photographer can have.

Dynamic Range

Dynamic Range

Just imagine the Marks DXO team will give to Nikon D850 after sensor examination

Before we talk about the dynamic range of Nikon D850 lets see the current DXO Mark table, even 3 years of its release the Nikon D850 camera is still the king of Dynamic range in DXO mark website. We do expect that history will repeat itself and with more resolution the D850 will cross the 14.8 Mark for sure.

Nikon D850 can push its ISO range upto 32 and the expandable ISO range goes upto 108,400.

Do share you thoughts with us

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7 comments to Nikon D850 – Some Thoughts on Upcoming Megapixel Monster

  • Graham Hepburn

    This looks like a very exciting camera and I can’t wait to get my hands on it and put it through its paces I think the results will be awesome

  • Mark

    Agree upto some points, BTW they also have history of oily sensors and more…

  • Mr Majestyk

    Sounds like the perfect camera, but with Nikon’s QC’s issues, I’ll wait 6 months before getting one. Also allows demand to ease and prices will naturally fall.

    It’s going to make a lot of people sell their D5 I suspect and I’ll sell my 5DsR for sure if this thing lives up to expectations.

  • Sark

    Without the option of an electronic viewfinder will you be able so see anything at 9,11,30 frames per second?

  • Mark


    Have you ever used Nikon D500 in sports mode before writing your meaningless comment

  • Photography is not just technology and only technology, the honest way to enrich people lifestyle is to bring them in re-connect with Nature in many forms and artistic ways.

    This mission has more value than any other detail of specification of techniques, which is so simple to analyze and to understand.

    The future in Photography is just beginning and offers so many ways to focus not on endless technical details but on the real human experiences of Nature Perception.

    Soon a follow-up explanation with fundamental details will come available, what the industry including NIKON makes us available to work on Well-Beng towards others and lay done the limited stories about technical aspects, which are clearly not in benefit towards people’s benefit at all, but it will not contribute to 98 % of the people in the world, the Mature Perception as just one of the major Lifestyle enrichment, thanks the optical industry is paving the road work to more quality and appreciation


  • Sark

    Yes I have. D4, D500 D810 and sony A9 and Leica SL
    Sorry but the A9 without blackout is sweet and silent and also killer if you want manual focus for which the nikon focus screens are so bad. You have to use autofocus but i will say the nikon autofocus is the best.
    My guess is this is the last nikon pure optical viewfinder.

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