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Firmware Update

Nikon D820 Coming with 46MP FF CMOS Sensor

Nikon D820 image

Nikon D820 is coming with a 46 Megapixel CMOS Fullframe sensor according to the latest rumors surfaced over the web. Just’ few days ago we have received information that Nikon isn’t getting Sony ultra popular 42MP sensor for now, the sensor is not commercially available yet for sale to anyone.

Nikon D810 was announced January 26, 2014 and the Nikon D800 was announced on Feb 6, 2012. the Nikon D810 was carrying a 36MP Sony A7R sensor inside whereas the upcoming Nikon D820 will carry a 46 MP sensor. A decent jump of resolution will attract new and old users for sure.

We also expect at the same time the camera will have 4K video mode. a major improvement in low-light performance and other high-end features.

We will update you soon as we get more information..

We have told you that Nikon D810 production ended and a new model is about to come. Like D820 at Facebook

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8 comments to Nikon D820 Coming with 46MP FF CMOS Sensor

  • If it has also built-in wifi with full control of the camera via wi-fi and swiveling (not only tilting) display, I will be happy to stay and forget about migration to Sony. High end FF mirrorless from Nikon competing to A7R2 would be definitely more than welcome by most of us. With D820 we get just another heavy DSLR.

  • check

    That MP value, plus extra FPS (without grip) + the AF of the D500 (covering the majority of the frame) and you’ve got an incredible camera.

    Want it to have wifi? sure why not, but can live without it
    Got bluetooth? sure why not, but can live without it
    Got GPS? sure why not but can live without it

    FPS + MP + AF + ISO are the main focus points, none of these should suffer even slightly at the expense of introducing some “fancy tech”.

  • pol

    For Nikon users, (including me with rang of new and old lenses there is no excuse not to buy it, specifications looks FANTASTIC.

  • Odin

    To have a sure fire winner on their hands this is the specs I believe need to go with this resolution:

    D5 AF system, not gimped in anyway
    If not DPAF a hybrid PDAF+CDAF for decent video AF
    7-8fps FF, 10fps DX
    28-32 RAW (4s buffer)
    4K should use a 2x oversampling method, so images are taken from 32MP crop of full frame, not a crazy high crop mode which would need to be around 2x.
    HEVC x265, mp4, mjpg output options
    Swivel LCD, 2.4MP
    WiFi AC, GPS, USB3
    Dual XQD or SD-UHS II
    New OLED top panel – time to get rid of the dot matrix lcd displays

  • stella

    Nikon is coming a step forward with Megapiel monster DSLR. It’s look like Nikon engineers created the D820 by keeping the performance of Sony A7R II in mind. And I personally think D820 will surpass the A7R II in image quality and SNR test.

  • Art

    Will buy it in a heartbeat if:

    46MP or more
    6FPS or more without grip or expensive battery to push it
    More robust buffer
    Faster AF system
    ISO like the D5 would be nice

    and just ask, I will throw my money at you, Nikon.
    The rest, nice, but don’t care….. in this order….

    Dual XQD or SD-UHS II
    just getting into video so what everyone else says!

    The rest… nice….

    Please don’t price it at $4K thanks or I will wait and buy a used one later.

  • Gordon

    The ‘new’ follow on from 800/810 needs to have improved mechanical controls.
    The knobs are way too difficult to set and nearly impossible if cold fingers. A much asked for design change but doggedly overlooked by behind the scene designers.
    As a travel photographer GPS is a MUST have, no if or buts about it.
    Do away with the built in Flash. It is not worth the trouble.
    Change the remote flash trigger to wifi/radio control, gaining numerous advantages.

  • Dr.D.N.Baraskar

    I think if Nikon has given 4K@30,60fps,then i want vari-angle LCD moniter,GPS is a MUST have, ISO like the D5,I hope nikon has add comparison with D810 extra focus points.

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