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Nikon D750 vs Canon 5D Mark III

Nikon-D750-vs-5D-Mk3-imageNikon D750 and Canon 5D Mark III specification comparison review, the Canon 5D Mark III is approx a 2 year old camera and Nikon D750 is few weeks old.. so take a look at the difference below


Nikon is giving you bit more resolution, but I am amazed that Nikon  took 2+ years to develop a 5D mark III rival and still the AF system of the recently announced Nikon D750 is inferior to 5D Mark III.

  • Nikon D750 ->  51 distinct points available, you get options to use 9, 21, or all 51 points depending on the situation.
  • Canon 5D Mark III -> 61-point autofocus system with upto 41 cross-type AF points (with f/4 lens support) and 5 dual diagonal AF points (with f/2.8 sensitivity).

The ISO range of Nikon D750 is also limited to 51200 only on the other hand the 5D Mark III ISO range touches 102400 mark, hence no doubt that the 5D Mark III will perform better in low light condition when compared to Nikon D750.

Nikon is offering a better Full HD Video mode with tilting display system and bit more resolution… and the (only) best part is it is more affordable compared to 5D Mk 3

and finally the verdict, the Canon 5D Mark III gives you advance AF system, more ISO range and based on specification comparison review we recommend you to buy 5D Mk 3.

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6 comments to Nikon D750 vs Canon 5D Mark III

  • I think you have a few of the spec wrong.
    Please take a look at this comparison.

    / Battery Life
    D750 = 1230
    5D MIII = 950

    / Weight
    D750 = 750 g
    5D MIII = 950g

    / Wireless
    D750 = Built-In
    5D MIII = Optional

  • The number of autofocus points has little bearing on focus accuracy — both cameras perform well. Also, any manufacturer can up the gain of the sensor amplifier to quote silly hi ISO levels but that says nothing about performance at ISO levels that will actually be used.. There is not reason to believe the Canon has better low light sensitivity. To determine that, sensors must be rated (i.e. DxoMark and others). Tests show that the Nikon 24 Mega-Pixel sensors consistently out-perform the Canon. No reason to follow your recommendation.

  • Thiago

    Error – Nikon D750 Max shutter is 1/4000s no 1/8000s!!!!

  • Thiago

    Error 2 – Weigth body is 750g no 1074g!!!

  • admin

    Thanks you all I have updated the Comparison table…. The table is now 100% correct.

  • Alex

    The accuracy of autofocus of the D750 is Certainly not behind the one of the 5Dmkiii, get documented or test it!
    Regarding iso quality: if you shoot JPG, I find indeed that Canon has best quality at high iso. If you shoot raw Nikon has a better grain at all settings but Canon may manage better color from 12800 and up.

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