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Firmware Update

Nikon D650 and Mirrorless Fullframe Coming OR Something Else ?

Latest update coming from trusted Japanese sources Nikon and 1701 and and 1711 registration details are updated and according to the latest information both camera are using EN-EL15a battery. So possibly we will going to see Nikon D650 and a Mirror less camera very soon ? Take a look at the updated details of the cameras below.

Nikon N1710 and Nikon 1711 Details Updated

N1711 Digital camera Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed Battery: EN-EL 15a (or equivalent) The same radio part as N1710 N1710 Digital camera Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed Wi-Fi has been tested at 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz (11 a / b / g / n / ac) at China MIIT, but only at 2.4 GHz (11 b / g / n) at Taiwan NCC. Battery: EN-EL 15a (or equivalent)

Both Camera using Nikon EN-EL15a Rechargeable Battery

The same battery is being used by Nikon D7500, D7200, D7100, D7000, D850, D810A, D810, D800E, D800, D750, D610, and D500 DSLR Cameras. check here at B&H

Nikon  D650 Arrival Confirmation ?

We all know that Nikon D650 camera is 4+ year old, completely outdated and desperately waiting to be replaced. Surprisingly Nikon D750 sales volume is still good according to online retailers. And if Nikon goes on schedule update of their DSLRs as they have done in past, then for sure Nikon D650 announcement is next few months. We will not going to talk much about the core specification of the upcoming camera but for sure we will going to see introduction of 4K Videos in Nikon entry level DSLRs. It’s already too late but as they say, better late than never. Hybrid Sensor in DSLR? Well Nikon is working on their own customized versions of DualPixel CMOS AF sensors as we have seen the recent patents, So it is possible that we may see Nikon first Hybrid Sensor based DSLR soon or they will save  Hybrid sensors for upcoming Fullframe Mirrorless cameras. It all depend upon Nikon.

Other Possibility – Nikon Fullframe Mirrorless ?

It may be possible these two or possibly one of them are mirrorless model, and they will going to use similar batteries EN-EL15a as power source.  As we are getting continuous set of information from past that Nikon is gearing up announce their first Fullframe Mirrorless models this September, on or just prior to Photokina event.

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2 comments to Nikon D650 and Mirrorless Fullframe Coming OR Something Else ?

  • subrato

    Nikon is like my family member… my grandpa used Nikon.. my father and now I.

    Things get well after time… You have to give time Nikon and yourself

  • Giovanni Fanuele

    Using Nikon means above all to count on who before entrusting you with a camera, has a professional thought. Some small deficiencies in some recently introduced entry level models have caused a much greater discomfort than is the case in other brands of cameras, notoriously not without defects. But when you buy Nikon you can buy the best and do not expect any lack! Now, after the tsunamis and earthquakes, after the dismissal and closure of some of the extra Japan plants, the restructuring of the company increasingly aims at the perfection and quality of the brand, which has always been the basis of its success! We can not wait to see the new models because from Nikonisti we will not be able to be enthusiastic, whatever they are!

    Usare Nikon vuol dire sopratutto contare su chi prima di affidarti una fotocamera, ha un pensiero professionale. Qualche piccola mancanza in alcuni modelli entry level di recente produzione ha causato infatti uno sconforto molto maggiore di quanto succede in altre marche di fotocamere, notoriamente non esenti da difetti. Ma quando acquisti Nikon sai di comperare il massimo e non prevedi alcuna mancanza! Adesso, dopo gli tzunami e i terremoti, dopo il licenziamento e la chiusura di alcun i stabilimenti extra Japan, la ristrutturazione dell’azienda, punta sempre più alla perfezione e qualità del marchio, da sempre, base del suo successo! Non vediamo l’ora di vedere i nuovi modelli perché da Nikonisti non potremo che esserne entusiasti, quale che essi siano!

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