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Nikon D620 to come in first half of 2017

Nikon D620

Lot of scarcity related to Nikon D620 information out there. If you look at the past we got Tip on May 2016 that camera may arrive till Sep 2016, others also published the after a gap same without giving credit to our website.

Now we got hints from a new source via newcameraforum. According to him the sensor production issue delayed the announcement schedule of the camera and the camera expected to come in first half of 2017. Still Sony 42MP which is being already used inside the Sony A7R II and Sony A99 II camera  isn’t available to Nikon for mass production. The source also hints that D620 may feature 4K video.

-end of rumor-

We expect Nikon D620 will carry a 24 MP FX format sensor this time with a price tag less than $2500. We will update ou soon as we get any new information.

Take this with a grain of salt

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4 comments to Nikon D620 to come in first half of 2017

  • Stella

    Nikon D620 is one of the most awaited camera for sure. I would only be interested if the autofocus is improved to the 51 point AF system. Otherwise why bother.

  • check

    Really? what research have you done to know that the D620 is one of the most awaited camera’s? or are you just talking BS making stuff up. Yep thats it, you’re one of those internet users who knows nothing about what you’re talking about.

  • GAGA

    D5500 + SnapBridge = D5600
    D610 + SnapBridge = D620


  • Pol Tin

    Looks like all you (or just one writing for all) are on Nikon’s payroll, just to start the Nikon D620 conversation I do have Nikon D610, it is ok but would not buy, any new Nikon that has less than 36MP.

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