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Nikon D6 Coming in 2019

According to latest rumors Nikon D6 will become available to Professional Photographers starting from this February 2019. Rumor mill also suggest we may see some sort of development announcement at CES Show 2019.

No one knows the Nikon D6 specification yet, let’s have a look at the possible set of core specs that may arrive with the New Nikon D6 DSLR

1. Nikon D6 Specifications [expectation]

  • New 24 MP BSI CMOS Sensor
  • On sensor Phase-Detect AF System
  • EXPEED 6
  • 4K60p Video; N-Log & 10-Bit HDMI Out
  • ISO 204,800
  • Silent Electronic Shutter
  • 20 fps Shooting
  • 2″ 2.1m-Dot Tilting Touchscreen LCD
  • Same Body Design
  • Development Announcement in Early 2019

2. Built-in Image Stabilization System inside Nikon D6 ?

Nikon will not put Built-in IS system inside Nikon D6, not for now at least.  However we can’t confirm you anything until we get solid set of information from trusted Japanese sources.

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11 comments to Nikon D6 Coming in 2019

  • Odin

    I don’t think it’s possible to have a mirror flip up and down at 20fps. They might eke out 15-16fps, but that’s about it and even then it will require extreme engineering to mitigate shock. I’d much rather they offered 32MP @ 14fps than 24MP @ 20fps

  • Stella


    They are talking about Silent Electronic Shutter.

  • Odin

    So it will have a stacked sensor, as otherwise, it’s utterly useless for a sports/action camera!

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    And because 20f/s will not be possible. With fixed focus-in one shot-, and with the mirror UP, I see it perfectly possible. The most striking from my point of view is the backlit CMOS-BSI, the result of the POSITIVE INTERACTION between Nikon-design- and Sony-Production-. Canon because you do not do the same ???????????????.

    Y porque no van a ser posibles 20f/s. Con foco fijo-en one shot-, y con el espejo levantado, lo veo perfectamente posible. Lo más llamativo desde mi punto de vista es el CMOS-BSI retroiluminado, resultado de la INTERACCION POSITIVA entre Nikon-diseño- y Sony-Producción-. Canon porque no hacéis lo mismo???????????????.

  • I would rather give up some speed and get more resolution. My D5 is plenty fast but I’ve always wished it was higher res. The D850 has spoiled me further and made me even more of a resolution junkie. I’m thinking the same speed as the D5 with ~30MP or so would be nice. Oh, and same IQ and same low-light performance as the D5. I’m not asking for much. Build it and I’ll be on the list Day 1. 😀

  • JUJU

    Why jump D5s~ just D6?

  • steven

    d6 will be the mirrorless.

  • The Nikon Oracle

    The D6 will have a mirror and be able to do will in excess of 14FPS.
    via SLDP.

    20FPS is easy with the right buffer space and speed.

    How easy does it work… Press the shutter button and the mirror stays up until you release the shutter button.

    The camera swaps from SLR Single Lens Reflex to SLDP Single Lens Digital Projection.

    Meaning once the mirror is up it swaps from a reflected image to a digital projected image in the view finder.

    Once the shutter button is released the mirror comes down and back to SLR.

    It has three major benefits

    1/. Very low mirror activations over the lifespan of the camera.

    2/. Totally silent shooting at any FPS.

    3/. Less vibration.

    Nikon put out a patent for this system recently.

    Hope this helps explain how 20FPS is available.

    All the best 🙂

    Richard – The Nikon Oracle

  • Richard – The Nikon Oracle

    The resolution of the D6 is determined purely by image quality.

    Hand-held high-resolution sensors = more blur.

    The higher the resolution the more blur is shown, in all hand-held situations.

    It is a major constraint on this type of camera.

    Solution: Nikon please rethink and produce a 1/16000th of a second.

    The D1 had it, and that was a physical not electronic shutter!

    With 1/16000th Odin would get his 36mp D6 🙂 and reduced blur.

    High Resolution Pixel Blur.

    21mp = Nikon D5 = FX (36×24) 5568 x 3712 = 20,668,416 pixels
    24mp = Nikon D3X = FX (36 x 24) 6048 x 4032 = 24,385,536 pixels
    36mp = Nikon D800 = FX (36 x 24) 7360 x 4912 = 36,152,320 pixels
    46mp = Nikon D850 = FX (36 x 24) 8256 x 5504 = 45,441,024 pixels

    With each jump of 10mp to 15mp you add more blur to the shot.

    Per jump you add 10 million more pixels that have to be held steady.

    If you don’t think this is correct, do the following:

    Take out a D800, D3X, D5 and a D850 and shoot the same 5 second burst of the same subject.

    Now enlarge the image to 200% and look at the edges of the shot…

    Blur in high resolution… it’s noticeable and not “Professional”.

    A burst rate of 20 frames per second at 24mp is the sweet spot.

    If 1/16000th was reintroduced to the D6, Odin could get his 36mp beauty.

    This would, however, need a much higher data transfer buffer.

    These high-speed buffers cost the manufacturer significantly.

    Sadly the “word on the street” is 24mp, so ergo no 1/16000th, so no 32mp/36mp.

    I hope this helps everyone understand why the 24mp is more than likely the resolution for now.

    I do, however, agree with Odin that 32mp is the “utopian goal”.

    The good news is Nikon’s patents show investment in buffer technology.

    I think the D6 will be ground breaking and class leading.

    I wish Nikon every success with the D6.

    All the best 🙂

    Richard – The Nikon Oracle

  • I agree with Richard and Odin. I’d rather prefer a 30/32 MP camera with 14 fps and 1/16000s and possibly 1/500s flash sync rather than a 24 MP with 20 fps. Remove AA filter, add also 1:1 crop, find the way to fit a gps (you can always switch off via menu) and a 0.85x viewfinder. U1-U2 quick setting recall. Fix all those things that should work (file transfer, wifi bluetooth etc), keep price 5999.. utopy?

  • Guillermo Alexander Lara Cárdenas

    ¿ La camara Nikon 6 D es cuadro completo( fullframe)?

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