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Firmware Update

Nikon D500 and Battery Problem

New Camera D500 image

According to some latest reports coming from Nikon D500 users the camera is showing issues with the third party battery as well as with Nikon original battery (drainge problem)

Multiple reports coming different forum but the major source is dpreviewforum in which many of Nikon D500 camera owners reporting that camera showing some batteries issue with the third party batteries, may be Nikon done some technical tweak or changes to avoid the use of such batteries, however we haven’t received any sort of official confirmation rebated to third parties battery of battery drainage issue (motioned below)

Users complaining about third party issue

“My Nikon D500 will not recognize 3rd party batteries (e.g. Hahnel) which my D810 accepts quite happily.”

“It seems the new D500 cannot use 3rd party batteries. Tested my new D500 with 3rd party/oem battery and the camera flashes the battery bar a few times then shuts off. Battery was full and verified working with other cameras. This behavior was tested on two different D500 cameras. Original batteries worked fine.”

Users complaining about battery drainage issue

With a fully charged Nikon EN-EL15 battery in my D500 after 5 shots it showed having a 64% charge level remaining. The problem may be in the reading of the charge level being inaccurate or there may be something internal to the camera that is draining the battery. With a similar problem with the D300 a firmware update fixed it.

I have had my D500 for two days, and have not shot a lot of images, yet, because I have been studying the menus and manual, and learning the differences and enhancements over my D300, but even so, I have been surprised at how quickly the battery meter showed less than 50% remaining.

I must assure you again that the problem is limited to few cameras and not all Nikon D500 is affected by the issue. Several photographers are also saying that everything s working fine after the purchase of the camera and they haven’t noticed any issue.

Will update you soon as we get any new information do follow Nikon D500 page for further updates || If you already own a Nikon D500 camera than you must see some of our Lens recommendation for the camera.

source dpreviewforum


7 comments to Nikon D500 and Battery Problem

  • I have the exact same problem with my brand new Nikon D500 purchased from B&H photo. I have 3 nikon bodies, (D750, D810, and no D500). I have at least 10 batteries for my camera (EN-EL15). Half of them are Nikon Batteries and half 3rd party batteries. NONE of the third party batteries even from different vendors (hahnel, DEK) do NOT work in my D500. I tested each battery this morning on each camera. They all work on my 750 and 810, and the only ones that work on my new 500 are Nikon batteries. BEWARE. BOOOOOOOOOOO

  • admin

    @Tom Schmuki
    Thanks for sharing your update. I really like to get updates from real people who are using the Nikon D500 camera and facing the battery issue.

  • Yep, it will not recognize my Vivitar or Wasabi 3rd party batteries. Only Nikon. BOOOOOOOOO

  • Peter Hewitt

    hi, there are other batteries that work in the D500 , Duracell and Vivitar, i am using them now, they do discharge quickly though. The new Nikon En-el 20 that comes with the camera also runs down quickly, but, apparently holds a better charge after a number of charges how many i have yet to find out.

  • I have been using my D500 almost one and half year along with original batteries and grip, I do not have any problem so far.

  • admin

    Thanks for your input sunil

  • Giovanni Fanuele

    Fa benissimo Nikon a far si che le batterie di terze parti non funzionino correttamente sulla D500! Non è il primo caso in cui, per risparmiare pochi soldi, utilizzando batterie di terze parti, con una corrente altalenante o non in grado di supportare gli “spunti” di potenza richiesti dalla fotocamera, vengano compromesse parti sensibili dell’elettronica della fotocamera.
    Mi spiace rilevare che dinanzi al risparmio di pochi spiccioli, ancora la gente pensi che i prodotti siano tutti uguali! E’incredibile che si possa acquistare una camera di livello professionale dalle prestazioni eccelse come quelle dalla D500, spendendo una cifra di tutto rispetto e poi star li a lesinare su quello che, di fatto è il cuore dell’alimentazione della camera! Vorrei che le persone approfondissero le loro conoscenze su quanto Nikon in questi anni abbia fatto per assicurarsi una qualità davvero insuperabile dei suoi accumulatori e relativi caricabatterie.

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