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Nikon D3600 Announcement Delayed - Rumor

Based on the scheduled announcement time the Nikon D3600 camera was expected to arrive on August 2020. But, as per the initial set of information surfaced over the web the camera isn’t coming on it’s schedule time.

Exact reason isn’t known yet, most probably due Nikon owns Mirrorless cameras Timelines. As we all know Both DSLR makers these days are busy in the development and announcement of Mirrorless camera and back on December 2018 Canon publicly told that they are into DSLR cannibalization. However, Nikon never told publicly anything about the future camera announcement policy. But, it’s look like Nikon is also running on same path as of Canon.

Delay in Development and Announcement of DSLR Cameras

As we all know that Nikon delayed the announcement of Nikon D750 camera to make space for Nikon Z6 in the market. Users, those who are willing to buy Nikon D750 camera successor, most of them are now getting Nikon Z6 since they don’t have any option left.

Same situation we are facing in APS-C DSLR zone. The scheduled announcement time of Nikon D7500 camera was 2019, but it was delayed to make space of Nikon Z50.

Nikon Z30 – Entry Level Mirrorless Camera from Nikon

We have published rumors related to Nikon Z30 camera a week ago . Niko Z30 camera is said to be a replacement of not only Nikon D3xxx series but also Nikon D5xxx series. More details can be found here. We will update you more once we get more information.

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2 comments to Nikon D3600 Announcement Delayed – Rumor

  • Odin

    Delayed! Why even consider it at all? Kill the D3xxx and D5xxx off immediately. Stop sending mixed signals.

  • Shivam

    Well I am waiting for Nikon Hybrid DSLR camera. If they add a Hybrid AF sensor inside Nikon D3500 then I will buy it for sure.

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