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Nikon D3200 vs. Nikon D5100

Nikon D3200 is recently announced by Nikon , Nikon D3200 is a successor to the popular Nikon D3100 DSLR camera but the price tag of Nikon D3200 is similar to Nikon D5100, so the question is Which DSLR should you buy?, Nikon D3200 or Nikon D5100, read the comparison review below and find out your answer.
Now it’s time to see difference between the core specification of Nikon D5100 and D3200.

Sensor size, Megapixel and ISO range :  Nikon D3200 features 24.2 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and Nikon D5100 features 16.2 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, but we know that BIG photodiodes creates LESS NOISE, The size of the photodiode has a big impact on the dynamic range and low light performance of a DSLR.


ISO Range: Both have a APS-C CMOS sensor and same standard ISO range of 100-6400, but with Nikon D5100 ISO is expandable up to 25600, Nikon D3200 is limited to 12800 only.

Image Processor: The D3200 comes with Expeed three (3) image processor,  more fast compared to Expeed 2 used in Nikon D5100, but the fps or Continuous shooting speed of both the DSLR is similar, but remember  with Nikon D3200 you are getting 4 fps @ 24 Mp and with Nikon D5100 you are getting 4 fps @ 16 Mp.


Video: Full HD frame per second speed of both the DSLR is similar, but due to fast image processor the Nikon D3200 offers 50 / 60 frame per second while recording HD quality movies.

With Nikon D3200 and D5100 you can use external mic to improve the audio quality, The one other note is there is no headphone output in Nikon D3200 or Nikon D5100 so you can’t monitor what is coming into the camera.


NEW FEATURE in Nikon D3200: WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter , for remote shooting and sharing files.

with the help of new WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter you can share your images with your android Smartphone and Tablet, the WU-1a Wireless  Mobile Adapter  also features remote shooting function with live-view display, It helps you to capture your image from a distance. Compatible OSs: Android 2.3 series (smartphone); Android 3.x series (tablet)

Both (Nikon D3200 & Nikon D5100) DSLR Offer Similar Screen Information Display

Various kinds of shooting information can be shown in the information display. For the display design Both Nikon D3200 and D5100 offers similar options – Classic or Graphic. Furthermore, the background color of the display can be selected according to the body color.

Sensor Cleaning:

Nikon D5100 and Nikon D3200 creates Vibrations at multiple different resonant frequencies are used to reduce dust on the low-pass filter. This function is automatically activated each time the camera is turned on and off. It can also be activated from the menu. Airflow Control System to prevent dust from degrading images

In Camera Guide: Unlike the D3200, there is no Guide mode on the Nikon D5100.

Display: Nikon D5100 display is better, you get vari-angle display with D5100 but with D3200 you display unit is fixed.

Battery Life: Nikon D5100 battery life is better, with Nikon D5100 you can capture approx 660 shots per charge but with Nikon D3200 you can capture only 540 shots per charge.


Buy Nikon D5100 if you want better ISO range, vari-angle Display screen and Battery Life,

Buy Nikon D3200 if you want a More resolution, better HD mode,  remote shooting & sharing option with In-Camera Guide.

 Buy Nikon D3200 from Amazon || Nikon D5100 from Amazon

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7 comments to Nikon D3200 vs. Nikon D5100

  • Paulo Cunha Martins

    Don’t forget to mention the D3200’s 12bits vs D5100’s 14bits 🙂

  • HB

    Then just Imagin, How will be the D5200…
    What will be it’s specifications..!!
    I’m just waiting for D5200’s announcement from Nikon, i’m hoping it will also be the same amazing camera as D5100

  • dr.kshitij

    d3200 is 20% lighter in weight, as compared to d5100

  • dr.kshitij

    i have been using point and shoot and now i am ready to upgrade.
    i have a number of questions.
    a. shud i go for dslr or try mirrorless. my photography expert friend said
    b. i was disappointed to read that video shooting is not that good in dslr
    coz video continuous auto focus is a problem….and audio might catch the
    lens focusing noise.
    c. now amongst dslr, i have to decide between d3200 and d5100. both cost
    same. difference is d3200 is 20% lighter in weight, has expeed 3, 24
    mpixels, wifi, guide mode and so on, while d5100 is time tested, it has
    auto bracketing, screen tilts and adjusts and so on. which one to go for.
    what am i looking for?
    well….i was looking for a device to shoot both video and pics…..but
    after reading that videos wont be that great…..nw i am looking for nice
    pics…..i have a research mind….and i tend to like the idea of
    bracketing. this gives me more chances of getting the perfect shot coz i
    wud be getting 3 shots. now right here i wish to clarify… it dire
    necessity to have a tripod to shoot those 3 pics….i am told ….all 3
    shud be taken without shaking camera….i wont use tripod……but i can
    try to keep hand stable. like i said…i did like the idea of having one
    over and under exposed shot. now the software that comes with the
    nikon….will it be enough to do the editing for final pic on laptop or
    will i have to purchase another software.
    in real life…is bracketing done frequently…or no.
    what i like in d3200 is light weight, guide mode and so on…..but i dont
    know…..if d5100 is technologically more advanced.
    last thought…..d3200 is recently launched while d5100 is old and
    therefore d5200 is expected. but i guess it will be significantly more than
    d5200……may be it will be too costly for me. so lets stick to 700usd
    mark and decide between d3200 and d5100.

    i am only interested in d5100 coz i desire to do HAND HELD HDR. if u suggest hand held HDR is not a good idea…..i will plan something else…..kindly guide.
    i think, as of today, d5100 is the most advanced and best option in below 1000usd dslrs…am i right?

    kindly guide.

  • admin

    D5100 is really a nice camera, my suggestion is you should use RAW mode for image capture and spend some hours with adobe lightroom, also if you want to take HDR, learn more about it by googling “How to capture HDR images” you can use software like photomatix to create HDR images from multiple or single image file, for handheld HDR always put your lens IS off and use a Tripod.

  • dr.k

    i am confused which one to buy….d3200 or d5100 or d5200. first i shud decide is, if i need swivel screen….i think i shud take coz it opens new pic possibilities at difficult angles. so d3200….despite better processor is OUT. not between d5100 and d5200….i think no one needs that high megapixels as d5200 and yes it has better auto focus…but goal is not to go for professional figures….so d5100 is at good place……time tested and economical…it has sensor of d7000….one time king of dslr pics… d5200 does have better video features…..but taking video from dslr is not a good idea anyway…..they say video taking heats up the sensor and cud damage it…besides these dslr offer 10 to 20 min video or near that……..either pay more and get d5200 or go for d5100 and take pics.

  • admin

    Yes you are right D7000 and D5100 share same sensor and D5200, D3200 and D7100 have almost same type of sensor….So you can select your camera between Nikon D5100 or D3200, If you don’t need more megapixel than D5100 is also a good option.

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