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Nikon Camera Need Personal Authentication Before Shooting - Patent

Nikon working on a new feature, Personal authentication asked by camera prior to the start screen.  Users can use any object as a key to open the camera. For example, as shown in patent documents photographers can use a portion of hand-watch to unlock the camera.

1. Camera asks for authentication

2. Authentication process starts

Patent Details

Application JP4A events 2019-06-22
Application filed by Nikon Corp,  2019-06-22
Priority to JP4A 2019-10-25
Publication of JP4A
Status Pending

An object of the present invention is to perform personal authentication without hindering a photographing operation. An image capturing unit that captures an object to be authenticated for personal authentication, a setting unit that sets a registration mode for registering personal authentication data that is a reference when performing the personal authentication, and a setting unit that sets the registration mode In the case of, the photographing control unit for continuously photographing the authentication target object while changing the photographing angle of view of the photographing unit, and an index for performing the personal authentication on each image continuously photographed by the photographing unit. A recognition unit that recognizes the authentication point, a trajectory generation unit that generates trajectory data indicating the trajectory of the authentication point recognized by the recognition unit, and the personal authentication data that is generated by the trajectory data generated by the trajectory generation unit. And a registration unit for registering as a. [Selection diagram] Fig. 1

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1 comment to Nikon Camera Need Personal Authentication Before Shooting – Patent

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    As necessary as it is unnecessary.
    Popular knowledge recommends prudence in the face of life situations, as this saying affirms. In his words, a wise man is twice as valuable as another carefree or simple.
    Good for NIKON!

    Tan necesaria como innecesaria.
    El saber popular nos recomienda prudencia frente a las situaciones de la vida, tal y como afirma este refrán. Según sus palabras, un hombre prevenido es el doble de valioso que otro despreocupado o simple.
    Bien por NIKON!

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