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Nikon 1 Series Discontinued ?

According to latest Rumors Nikon is preparing to discontinue is popular Nikon 1 series permanently. Well we have received reports earlier from Nomen Nescio, that Nikon is planning to expand the Nikon 1 series, we have received this info 2 years from now, so things generally change with time and its look like the information we have received wasn’t true. However we don’t have any official words from Nikon related to the discontinuation of Nikon 1 series cameras till now.

Nikon 1

screen shot of B&H confirms shortage of Nikon 1 series camera

We were also expecting that Nikon Full Frame and APS-C mirrorless camera will going to arrive under the name of Nikon 1 series. So, at the moment nothing is confirmed but there are lot of possibilities,  we have to see that Nikon Upcoming Mirrorless cameras coming under hood of  Nikon 1 series OR they will going to announce a completely new brand for their NEW mirrorless cameras.  Only time will tell so we have to wait and watch.

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2 comments to Nikon 1 Series Discontinued ?

  • Dave Haynie

    “Nikon 1” only made sense for the “CX” sensor cameras. That’s a 1-inch sensor, eh? They can’t release APS-C or FF bodies that use Nikon 1 lenses, etc. So cancelled or not, don’t expect any pro mirrorless from Nikon to be called Nikon 1.

  • Odin

    I believe it will be discontinued, becuase they will go all out on mirrorless APS-C and FF. There will be little demand for a Nikon 1 with IL. Cameras like the Sony RX100 and the like dominate this end. Better to compete with Fuji, Sony and Canon in APS-C segment. Make a mirrorless D500 and D7500 and D5500.

    One thing I’d love Nikon to do is a new AW-1, with a fixed lens, say 10–40 f/2. We need a underwater camera with bigger sensor, but AW-1 was not as good as we hoped and had issues with QC.

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