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Moscow Streets With Samsung NX-300 By Alessandro Michelazzi

Test/review on fields with some reportage/street photography on moscow streets with mirrorless Samsung Nx-300.

In this article I want to talk about the equipment I’ve used during my two weeks spend in Moscow.
For the second time in a row I’ve get with me only a mirrorless camera. The mirrorless camera I’ve used during the trip is the Samsung Nx. I’m a big fan of the system since the first mirrorless from Samsung, the Nx100.
I think Samsung has the best lens offer in the mirrorless market with great fixed focal lens from 16mm to 85mm. I’ve personal tested all the fixed lens and I’ve found them excellent.

I personally intend photography (at least my personal photos, not my commercial works) as a tool that helps me to reminds emotion, moment, story that I’ve lived. I love to documents those moments and then to live them back on with the photos. Photography can freeze a moment and that moment is always able to get back to your eyes. So I really love to carry always with me the camera: all the moments can become an interesting emotion to record inside a picture.

Shooting for more than 10 years, i got quite tired of having with me kilos and kilos of equipment. Lot of the time I was getting with me only the reflex with the 50mm but still was a bulky and big combination to carry with me in all the different situation.
Mirrorless camera has changed totally my approach to photography cause I can take the camera always with me and record what I see, forgetting to have something heavy and not comforable to carry all day around.

For the trip I took with me on the trip the Samsung 20mm f/2.8, the Samsung 30mm f/2.0 and Pentax 50mm Super Takkumar f/1.4.
Both the Samsung lens are very good with the 30mm a bit above the 20mm. Samsung 30mm f/2 is an incredible lens that produce sharp photos with a very good bokeh. This is my favourite lens for taking portraits with a bit of ambient around: the 30mm lens on the Samsung Aps-C body become like a 45mm lens on the full frame, so really close to the standard 50mm.

During the trip however i’ve used the most the Samsung 20mm f/2.8: this because it gives me a bigger field for the photos, ideal for city shoots. 20mm on Aps-c become like a 30mm on the fullframe so not so wide to get problem with wide distortion (by the way I really love also the 16mm f/2.4 from Samsung almost distortion free).
Let’s just talk about the Pentax 50mm f/1.4 Super Takumar. It’s a great lens from the ‘60ies that I am able to use thanks to Samsung to Pentax K adaptor. The lens works great in manual mode, turning the aperture ring directly on the lens to change exposure value. Focusing is all manual but you can get some help with the central “OK” button that enlarge the scene and help in this way the manual focus operation. Not to mention that on the Samsung Nx-300 now I’ve also the focus peaking help! Pentax 50mm became an excellent lens for portraits: the lens is like a 75mm on full frame and it helps to capture great portrait shoots blurring all the background around!

Moscow Streets With Samsung NX-300 By Alessandro Michelazzi Image 6

Moscow Streets With Samsung NX-300 By Alessandro Michelazzi Image 5

Moscow Streets With Samsung NX-300 By Alessandro Michelazzi Image 4

Moscow Streets With Samsung NX-300 By Alessandro Michelazz i Image 3

Moscow Streets With Samsung NX-300 By Alessandro Michelazzi Image 2

Moscow Streets With Samsung NX-300 By Alessandro Michelazzi Image 1

Following a selection of images I’ve take during my trip to Russia.
You can find the complete story and photos on Alessandro Michelazzi Blog:


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