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Micro Four-Thirds is DEAD

It’s nice to see someone thinking out of the box, apart from camera rumors, announcements, comparisons and reviews. This video is really unique.

And let me know that you also think the same,.. will M4/3 system will gonna doe soon?

6 comments to Micro Four-Thirds is DEAD

  • Let’s see if NEW, costly lenses for full *marketing* frame cameras are bought in large quantities first.
    He is comparisons are between the cost of a top MFT vs an entry FMF camera.
    That’s idiotic but it will fool other idiots and there’s never a shortage.

    Time will tell, of course.
    This “expert” is just selling a dying web authoring platform, – LOL.

    Loves to rabbet on about “crop factor” – just another shill’s marketing tool.

  • Rainer

    size comparisons are right; when equivalent lenses APS-C / 35mm are compared, the 35mm lens could be smaller than an APS-C equivalent. E.g. compare the size of Fujinon 50-140/2.8 to Nikon 70-200/4.0 – equivalence means one stop less for 35mm format because of the same “bokeh” and twice better ISO capability of 35mm sensor versus APS-C sensor. Or compare size and weight of Fujinon 23mm/2.0 to Sony 35mm/2.8!
    The same would hold for mft.
    But there are people who do not need bokeh monster lenses or high iso capabilities. A 12-35mm/2.8 lens considered equivalent to a 24-70mm/5.6 lens is much smaller than any existing 24-70mm lens; maybe just because you won’t find any 24-70/5.6!

  • Phillip Piggott

    Well Tony, I am very happy with my Panasonic G9 and the Leica 100-400 zoom that I can handhold at 831mm (it tells me!) equivalent and take very good shots of my sons doing their sports and shots of birds.
    What size and weight will compete with 831mm?
    The 14-140 (28-280mm) is very versatile as well.
    And we are to believe that Panasonic and Olympus will desert their customers?
    Most unlikely.

  • I’ve been writing this for months now.
    m43 is a fraud. There’s no size, height, or cost advantage over a APS-C sensor camera. The only decent m43 cameras cost more than a FF camera and that’s a joke.
    With 4 times less sensor surface that FF it makes no sense keeping the mount and sensor alive. And now that Panasonic goes FF in order to build the first affortable 8K camera, prepare to see a lot of used m43 on eBay.. ;D

  • Dimon

    This fella uses trash talk to hype his channel on over saturated platform while trying to sell square space cupons and other sponsored links.

  • Santiago

    I have a friend, he is 70 years old, his passion is to take pictures of birds that are very abundant and diverse in my country. He gets around with a Olympus Pen F and an Olympus 300mm f:4.
    There is no way he ill be walking around with full frame camera with a 600mm f:4. It will be 3 times heavier and three times more expensive. Sorry, but hiking around with full frame cameras and very long lenses, is for younger people.

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