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Megapixel Monsters Coming in 2015


Yes, the 2015 will going to start a new race of high resolution camera… Canon, Nikon and Sony… all the three camera giants are preparing to announce high megapixel camera in 2015… take a look at the list…

Sony A9 – 46 Megapixel


Sony has finally manged to develop a 46 MP CMOS Sensor (unofficially confirmed by Tamron also), the upcoming A9 Fullframe mirrorless camera is rumored to features 46 MP Bayer sensor, continuous shooting speed of 4 fps, even having 40 MP resolution you get ISO range upto 51200, the camera will also features 4K video recording to a external output just like Sony A7s camera.

We may see a real product at the upcoming CES 2014 show, price is rumored to be around $4000 and the same 46MP FF  sensor is also expected to arrive inside the upcoming Nikon and Canon high resolution Megapixel camera.

Canon 3D – 46 Megapixel


Finally we got confirmation from Canon that they are working on a high resolution DSLR, according to few rumor mills it’s name is 3D… however name is not confirmed yet,

Just few days ago  said that – Canon Managing Director and Chief Executive – Masaya Maeda, said “We select the best sensor, whoever the manufacturer is. That’s our policy.”

In a recent interview published at DCWatch Masaya Maeda finally confirmed that Canon is working on a Megapixel Monster — see full post here

Nikon – 46 Megapixel DSLR

Nikon-high-resolution-camer (1)

After Canon (see here) Nikon also confirmed that they are working on a high resolution fullframe camera (via – DCwatch), the camera will possibly use the rumored 46 Megapixel sensor developed by Sony.  see full post here

3 comments to Megapixel Monsters Coming in 2015

  • Marcus

    There is a Canon Camera with a high megapiexel sensor build by Canon out for testing. The IQ is very amazing.

    It´s very possible, that the new high megapixel Canon camera has a Canon sensor and an more advanced af system in it. The new AF system has more AF fields than all other Canon cameras.

    4K video revording is in the prototype but I don´t know if the camera hit the market with 4K video recording.

    The 50D prototype was the first DSLR that was able to record videos, but the production model don´t have these feature on board.

  • Marcus

    The camera has a 5D Mark III style body, but is more advanced.

    1. The new camera is called 5D Mark IV and goes from the price a little bit higher


    2. The camera is called 3D or with a new name and the 5D Mark IV is a step under the high megapixel camera.

  • rodrian roadeye

    After all these years of camera reviewers saying mega pixels don’t matter are we still being duped or do they really matter after all?

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