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Looney 11 and Sunny 16 Rules


Looney 11 rules

Looney 11 rule is called as Looney f/11 rule. This rule helps us to capture proper amount of light to the sensor and result is perfectly balanced image (not too over exposed or under exposed ). There are different types of lighting conditions like during full moon we can use aperture f/11 similarly in case of half moon we are using the aperture f/8. So we are using different aperture in different lighting condition to get a perfect shot. Take a look at the table below and try to remember it when you capture your next Moon image.

Looney 11 rules


Sunny 16 rules

There is another type of rule we are using which is known as sunny 16 rules or sunny f/16 rule and is used in photography during daylight. This Rule helps us to get properly exposed image without any trouble. There are different types of lighting condition available during day time like snow or sand and we have to set our aperture based on that type of scene. In snow and sand we should use the aperture value f/22, similarly in sunny location the aperture should be at f/16. When we set the aperture the shutter speed should also changed according to rule, for example when the aperture is f/22 then the shutter speed should be kept at 1/50 second similarly when the aperture is f/16, the shutter speed is 1/100 second and so on. Take a look at the tables below for better understanding…

ISO should be kept as same as shutter speed to get properly exposed images, * for first setting if ISO 50, for 2nd – F16, 1/100 and ISO 100, F11, 1/200 and ISO 200 and so on…

Sunny-16-rules-image-1Take a look at the table below and you can use as cheat sheet for getting perfect shot at different lighting condition,

Sunny-16-rules-image-2STAY WITH ON FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+ to get More Photography Tips

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