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Leica Upcoming Fullframe Camera Specification Leaked

Leica Q Typ 116 coming
Leica upcoming fullframe compact camera name is Leica Q Typ 116, and it will feature a new 24 Megapixel fullframe sensor, take a look at the major specification below…

Leica Q Typ 116 Rumored specification –
Name: Leica Q (Typ 116)
24MP full frame sensor
Similar to Leica monochrome but is smaller
28mm summilux f/1.7 fixed lens
Image stabilization
Price: 4.000€ (~4,500 USD).

So we are almost confirmed now that Leica will soon arrive with built in image stabilization and a price tag of $4500 (approx..), Sony fullframe compact camera available at $2,798.00, available at Amazon and B&H.

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4 comments to Leica Upcoming Fullframe Camera Specification Leaked

  • RMR

    Four Thousand Five Hundred dollars? Really? IF that’s true, then it pretty much ends any possibility that the ‘almighty, no one is better than us’, Leica will ever set it’s feet ‘down-market’, and that’s a horrible business approach or example to stay in.
    And that’s too bad, because most will never buy it, not for a fixed mount FF digital. It just seems like a stretch to think they could not have made a small body a step or two below the ‘M type whatever it is’ that could use the same M mount lenses.
    That’s assuming it really costs that much – $4,500.00? Of course we don’t know yet whether the EVF is in body, or detachable, or what other features it has. Capable or not. Really?

  • RMR

    Oh, it’s mildly amusing to read the basic leaked description calling this, ‘Leica Q type 116’ as being similar to the Leica Monochrome but smaller.
    The Monochrome is an M body, why not just say it’s smaller than an M body? Leica and it’s ‘type blah, blah’, body designation is already getting ‘unimportantly’ boring, and confusing.
    But, they came up with the new product naming style from Porsche, the Porsche 911, etc.
    ‘Upmarket and Pretentious’, could easily be Leica’s new corporate buzz-phrase.

  • EyePix

    Leica is always expensive but this publication is not correct !
    Watch the inscription on the lens.
    It’s a Zoom lens from 1: 1.7-2.8 Zoom at 10.9 – 34 mm at Full Frame !
    It’s from Super Wide to Wide angle 34 mm.
    Most probably they will come with a Tele Adapter.

  • RMR

    EyePix, the above picture IS NOT the new ‘Q’ camera – the image above is the Leica ‘D lux’ camera. It appears (reads) on other sites that the new camera has a non-zoom, fixed lens.
    Yes, Leica has always been pricey, but the ‘new’ owner(s) have taken the brand even further upmarket by at least a 50% increase in the last 6 years.

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