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Firmware Update

Leica Q Compact Camera Titanium Gray Edition

New Leica Q image
Lecia today announced the Titanium Gray Edition of its Q (Typ 116) full-frame compact camera. The core specification of the camera remains same as of black version. The cost of the camera is not same. For Titanium Gray Edition you have to pay £3800 and for a normal black version £3200/$4250.

The Leica Q ‘Titanium gray’ is scheduled to be available from mid-November 2016, at a suggested retail price of £3,800 including VAT. Full product specifications can be found at:

Along with the camera Leica also introduced Summaron 2.8cm F5.6 lens

New Leica 28mm lens image

Leica Refreshes the miniature Summaron 2.8cm F5.6 lens for the M system and its name will be Summaron-M 28mm F5.6. The company decided to keep the optical formula of the lens same as of the older version. But they do tweaked the 50+ year old lens to deliver exif details when paired with modern days camera. The lens controls has been redesigned to match the design of current generation of Leica M lenses.

A text from the press release

The optical design and mechanical construction of the Summaron-M 28 mm f/5.6 are identical to those of its predecessor, which was manufactured at the Leitz factory in Wetzlar until 1963. The perfect fusion of the latest optical developments, such as the highest quality finishing and manufacturing techniques, with this classic optical design make this new edition of the Summaron-M 28 mm f/5.6 much more than a reconstruction of an existing lens. While only slightly modernizing the shape and design of the lens, the new version of the Summaron-M 28 mm f/5.6 is reduced to the essentials but loses none of the character of its legendary ancestor. Its exceptionally short length of less than two centimeters makes it incredibly unobtrusive, and together with the inherent unassuming nature of a Leica M it is an ideal lens for street photography. The combination of a clearly laid out depth of field scale and long focus throw allow for very precise and easy zone focusing.

Customers wishing to purchase a Leica Summaron-M 28 mm f/5.6 lens must place a pre-order with a Leica Store, Boutique or Dealer. Deliveries will follow according to the sequence in which the orders are received. Due to the strong demand, long delivery times must be taken into account, especially in the first few months.

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