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Leica M Monochrom with 18 megapixel full-frame CCD monochrome sensor


Leica finally announced its M Monochrom Digital camera with newly developed 18 megapixel full-frame CCD monochrome sensor, the ISO range is expandable u to 10,000, the M Monochrom features 4-bit uncompressed RAW mode, right-Line Frame Viewfinder, 2.5″ TFT LCD Display and SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot.

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Leica M Monochrom sample images
Leica M Monochrom vs Leica M9

The M Monochrom comes with a price tag of $8,000(body only), you have to spend more on buying lenses, the best part of this camera is its dedicated B&W sensor that captures B&W images only, As the sensor does not ‘see’ colors, every pixel records true luminance values – as a result, it delivers ‘true’ black-and-white images that are significantly sharper than comparable exposures from a camera with a color-sensitive sensor.

Major Features

  • 18Mp Monochrome CCD Sensor
  • 2.5″ TFT LCD Display
  • Leica M Bayonet Mount
  • Minimalist Design – No Red Leica Logo
  • New Leatherette Body Covering
  • SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot
  • Bright-Line Frame Viewfinder
  • DNG (RAW) + JPEG Formats
  • Maximum ISO 10000
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Free Download

Pre-order Leica M Monochrom at B&H

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