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Leica Fixed Lens Fullframe Compact Camera Coming


Leica Teaser – Fullframe Compact Coming on June 11

Leica is fully prepared to announce a Fixed Lens fullframe compact camera on June 11, 2015. As you can see above the teaser image surfaced at website, take a look at the rumored specification of the camera below.

1) The size of the camera is smaller than Leica monochrome camera.
2) The camera has a 28mm summilux 1.7 fixed lens on top of the fullframe sensor.
3) The Camera has built in image stabilization, sensor shift.
5) Electronic viewfinder inside.


Sony RX1 – Best Fullframe compact camera ever made

Finally Leica is putting a step forward in the world of fixed Lens fullframe compact camera and after a long wait we will going to see a fullframe compact camera made by Leica Germany itself. However, one thing is sure the biggest lag of Leica is the Price vs Features ratio of any Leica camera, In general Leica products are overpriced and purchased by a particular class of of photographers. I don’t think Leica Can introduce a real Sony RX1/R competitor anytime soon or in near future.

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1 comment to Leica Fixed Lens Fullframe Compact Camera Coming

  • RMR

    As a 40 year-long (and close to former) Leica M and SL and R series user, I am no longer ‘head-over-heels’ with the brand. The dropping of the R line for the S line showed how ill-advised the new owner was at the time, and still seems to be.
    Can Leica step back from it’s leap even more ‘up-market’ and provide some real and maybe ‘affordable’ and relevant cameras?
    I’m nor convinced. Leica still makes fine optics, but the industry is and has in some cases caught up or surpassed Leica.
    Now, they are playing a catch-up game in a fast changing digital era.
    They can’t afford many more stumbles.

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