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Images of Upcoming Blackmagic Camera 4.6K URSA Mini

Leaked images of upcoming blackmagic camera surfaced over the web, as you know we have already published leaked images of upcoming pocket camera here… but this time we got the image of upcoming Blackmagic Camera 4.6K URSA Mini, as the name suggest the camera can capture 4.6K video files. But above all the URSA Mini will feature 15 stops of dynamic range, so 4K+ resolution and 15 stops of dynamic range will sure create a bar in camera industry.

Bonus – The leaked image of ultra compact drone camera from BM also leaked

ultra-compact-drone-camera-The announcement is expected today.. we will update you as we get any new information.

src / via – Matthew Allard ACS

2 comments to Images of Upcoming Blackmagic Camera 4.6K URSA Mini

  • Marcus

    Great news. If this is true Sony maybe have a problem if the camera is not to expensive.

  • Marcus

    I’am no videographers. Take this with a little bit grain of salt. A person told me that the new camera use the Fairchild LTN4625A sensor.

    The Fairchild Imaging LTN4625A is a lightning fast speed (LTN) 12MP sCMOS image sensor in an APS-C optical format. The sensor integrates sCMOS2.0 technologies and supports 240 frames per second at 12MP full resolution.

    The sensor is designed to support the demanding imaging needs of machine vision, high-end security/surveillance and scientific applications. The device features an array of 5T pixels on a 5.5┬Ám pitch with an active imaging area of 4608 (H) x 2592 (V) pixels. It also supports both Rolling and Global Shutter readout modes.

    The LTN4625A delivers lightning high speed, low-light sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and Quantum Efficiency (QE) above 50%. The sensor supports user- programmable row start/stop control for region of interest (ROI) readout.

    Lightning fast speed: 240 fps at 12MP (RS), 120 fps at 12MP (GS)
    Exceptional low readout noise: <2 e- RMS (RS), 88 dB single frame
    Rolling and Global Shutter

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