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Hasselblad H5D-50c vs Phase one IQ250 vs Pentax 645z


Before we begin please keep in mind that Hasselblad H5D-50c and Pentax 645z are complete camera unit and  Phase One IQ250 is a digital camera back only.

From the image below you can clearly understand the design of Phase one System, the last part is Phase one Back, the middle part is Phase one camera body, the 645DF+ supports more than 50 digital backs including the recently announced IQ250 and 80 lenses (focal plane or leaf shutter lenses), the price of 645DF+ camera body is approx $5990.


Hasselblad H5D-50c vs Phase one IQ250 vs Pentax 645z

Now its time for comparison, we have selected some very basic features that will clearly tell you the difference between these three medium format camera


As we know that all three camera comes with Sony made medium format sensor, the Pentax is able to extract ISO range up to 204800, other two camera ISO limited upto 6400.

The other major feature is presence of advance Phase AF system in Pentax 645Z camera with 27 AF sensors and 25 cross-type sensor.

+1 we forgot to mention that Pentax 645Z is also capable to record Full HD video (1920×1080) and 4K in intervall mode.

Price difference: We really don’t know why Phase one Hasselblad asking for so much money ? on the other hand Pentax is able to give you better core specification at very affordable price. We highly recommend you to wait till April 24th and we will update this post with Pentax pre-order links as soon after the official announcement.

Hasselblad Lenses – H System lens line (12 lenses from 24 to 300mm)

Phase one IQ back mounts Phase One 645DF+, Mamiya 645 FF+, Hasselblad H1 and H2, Hasselblad 555ELD, 553ELX, 503CW and 501CM
Via adapter: Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID, Mamiya RB67, Contax 645 AF

Phase one lenses – 28mm LS f/4.5 Aspherical, 55mm LS f/2.8, 80mm LS f/2.8, 110 mm LS f/2.8, 75-150 mm LS f/4.0-5.6 , 150 mm LS f/3.5, 240 mm LS f/4.5 IF

645z Lenses – 120mm Macro A and AF, 25mm DA, 35mm A, 300mm AF, 400mm AF, 150mm AF, 35mm AF, 150mm-300mm AF, 600mm A.

13 comments to Hasselblad H5D-50c vs Phase one IQ250 vs Pentax 645z

  • Joe Blow

    Pentax just released the official specs and the capture rate is stated as being 3 shots per second.

  • […] Must see – Hasselblad H5D-50c vs Phase one IQ250 vs Pentax 645z […]

  • admin

    We will update the table soon.

  • Helge Mruck

    Thank you for the interesting, though brief, comparison. I suspect that the price for the PhaseOne and Hasselblad cameras is so much higher because they’re smaller companies with massive R&D outlays relative to the number of cameras /backs sold. The big difference from a professional photographer’s perspective is that, the PhaseOne and Hasselblad solutions allow you to upgrade (or even change the digital back for a film back if required)). As (occasional) user of the digital Hasselblads (both V-and H-system), I have to say that the quality of the lenses more than matches that of the sensor, and the flexibility of being able to choose the most suitable viewfinder for any given assignment is a great help. I’ve printed some of the images I’ve taken up to 1m x 1.2m, and the image quality is clearly on another level even from our Nikon D800e.

  • admin

    Our job is to tell our audience best camera based on specification… and the winner of the comparison is Pentax 645z, the additional and most important factor is price of the total system.. and Pentax is a clear winner from every angle.

    NO they do not invest too much in R&D, that’s why we have seen Hasselblad Lunar sometime ago, Lunar is a copy of Sony NEX 7, but Sony NEX 7 is available at $1,148.00 with kit lens on the other hand Hasselblad Lunar will cost you approx $6,500.

  • Helge Mruck

    I’ve just tried to give as thoughtful – and informed – a comment I could muster, and feel like I am being attacked for being unreasonable. I did not speak of the Lunar, Stellar, HV… which I am sure very few professional photographers would countenance. I spoke of R&D outlay relative to the number of digital medium format backs sold. When comparing specs, maybe you should point out that the Hasselblad has a leaf shutter, which means it will allow more flexibility when shooting with flash on outdoor location, whereas the Pentax’s focal plane shutter supports 1/125sec flash sync.

  • admin

    Sir I respect you, But I don’t agree with your thoughts on this issue…. for leaf shutter at least I will not pay 3X to 4X more… + the most important factor I see is the ISO range (204800) and Hybrid AF (Phase + Contrast) system available on Pentax 645z…

  • Ricardo

    There now 4 options with the Sony 50MP CMOS: H5 for € 29000 Phase one for € 34000 Hasselblad V-Back € 9500 and finanly a complete Pentax 645z with 55 standard lens for € 8600.

    Depending of the choice of lens they are all the same, nobody can justified the extreme price differences.

    Sony self and Nikon and Fuji are coming up with the same sensor type and for sure the same price or lower then Pentax.
    Mention that the H system is based on the Fuji 645 camera and all lenses are Fujinons (excellent lenses by the way, but by hasselblad company overpriced).

    For the good order i was a Hasselblad V user and Fuji user.
    So i have nothing against Hasselblad but the price tag is unreal, H5 with 60mm lens and Sony 50MP must by priced around US $ 9500 till 10000.- (including tax).

    Consideration: the sensor size has a crop factor of 0,83 against 24×36 that means that a 55mm or 60mm is a standard lens , not a 75mm and certainly not a 85mm.

  • Q2

    But how about the lens quality? Do you guys think there’s a considerable difference in Hasselblad or Pentax lenses? I am urgently using Canon equipment and what to go medium format. My concern is picture sharpness and quality and I would like to know your thoughts on that issue. Do you think it is considerable? Is there a big or any difference in quality? Or would one be really happy with the Pentax 645 Z picture quality? THANKS. Q!

  • Fruitoftheshorts

    Ah, it´s just a shitload of money. The two studio masters of the game is Hassy and C1 and the Pentax seems to be the wildlife guys companion.
    I don´t like the Capture 1 camera of the simple reason you can´t take the prism of it. With the Hasselblad you can. In quality I´m quite sure after a lot of reserch the C1 wins over Hasselblad by a few nano steps followed by Pentax with a regular step.
    All of them are great for their “purpose”. Pentax is watersealed which the other isnt at all. I´d still go for Hasselblad knowing I´ll miss the much shorter sync times on the Capure one with their probably fenomenal Scheider lenses.
    If C1 comes without the prism there wouldn´t be any questions at all. C1 is probably the most tormentable back since Quasimodo and I´d bring it to Mount Everest.

  • Had been using Pentax 67 II in film era and since the digital came in I only managed to stay with Nikon till now. D810 is a great camera but this 645Z looks so tempting right now 🙂 Great comparison. thanks.JP

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