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Google ART Camera - Captures Gigapixel Images to Digitize Artwork

Google art camera image

Google cultural institute has developed a new art camera that captures super high resolution closeup of art-works. How the google art camera created super high resolution images ? the system steers the camera automatically from detail to detail, taking hundreds of high resolution close-ups of the painting and to make them into single masterpiece.

The ART camera creates gigapixel image, if we look at numbers the image is made up of more than 1 million pixels and hence it can bring a enormous amount of detail to the naked human eye.

Google art camera details

The technique involved is quite simple, the ART camera is actually a robotic camera and every single image capture is controlled by algorithms running inside the camera. The robotic camera carefully captures detail to detail of every museum paintings to create a single Gigapixel image. The focus is always brilliant since the camera uses laser and Sonar Technology for auto-focusing. Once all the detailed is captured by the camera the software program inside the camera combine all the images to make a single Gigapixel image. Till now the Google Earth camera Museum already contain mm of images captured by the Google ART camera.

If we talk about size and time than 1mX1m painting can be captured in less half hour, we have 20 number of ART cameras floating over ll the global museums for free, the Art camera help big organizations and government of different countries to digitize their artwork and documents without spending a single penny.

Click here to see Google ART camera images

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