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Fujifilm X10 vs Nikon P7100 vs Canon G12

Fujifilm Comparsion review with Canon G12 and Nikon P7100Fujifilm X10 vs Nikon P7100 vs Canon G12, which one is more better? Read our comparison review to find out why Fujifilm X10 is a better compact camera compared to Canon G12 and Nikon P7100.

fujifilm x10 comparison review

The Sensor of Fujifilm X10: The Fuji X10 have  12.0 megapixels 2/3″ CMOS sensor, bigger  than Canon G12 and Nikon P7100, The bigger Fuji EXR CMOS sensor will give you less noise and better dynamic range compared to smaller CCD sensors of Canon G12 and Nikon P7100. See more Fuji X10 Sensor vs Canon G12 Sensor

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The Lens of Fujifilm X10 is a manual barrel zoom lens with newly-developed high-definition Super EBC (Electron Beam Coating) FUJINON lens which achieves superb clarity over the whole of the image, the ultra bright lens have a wide-angle maximum aperture of 2.0 and telephoto maximum aperture of 2.8,

The ISO Auto Setting of Fujifilm X10 function adjusts it automatically between 100 and 3200, In canon G12 the default Automatic ISO setting is 100 to 1250 and Nikon P7100 allows you to  set maximum  1600 ISO at auto mode.

ISO at Manual Mode – Max ISO at Full Resolution

Camera ISO range – At Full Resolution
Fujifilm X10 100 – 5000 12.0 Megapixel
Canon G12 80 – 3200 10.0 Megapixel
Nikon P7100 100 – 3200 10.1 Megapixel

Continuous Shot : The Fujifilm X10 offers up-to 10fps of Continuous Shooting, Canon G12 have 1.2 Shot/sec and Nikon P7100 have 2 Shot/Sec.

New Noise Reduction Adjustment function to set the strength of noise reduction at five different levels according to the users’ emphasis on whether to prioritise high resolution or low noise.

Finally the Movie Mode: Fujifilm X10 offers Full HD movie capture 1920 x 1080 pixels, better than the canon g12 and Nikon P7100.

LCD Display of Fujifilm X10 is fixed, Canon G12 and Nikon have Fully articulated display unit.

Conclusion: Fujifilm X10 is better compared to Canon G12 and Nikon P7100.

See more Nikon P7100 vs Canon G12

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21 comments to Fujifilm X10 vs Nikon P7100 vs Canon G12

  • Dave

    I hope no one takes seriously this type of moronic stat based review

  • Alex

    I disagree with you Dave, I have Canon G12 and I am seriously thinking to upgrade my compact to Fujifilm X10, the Specifications tells the truth and today many websites just post sample images with so so words to impress camera company as well as visitors,

  • Eric

    I have to agree with Dave. Specs don’t say much about Image Quality. Think of the Samsung EX-1 for example. Specs look great on paper. However, image quality is far from most high-end compacts. Btw, X-10 sensor is not as much bigger as what most of you think. Only by a really small increment.

  • Sandra


    thanks for the review, I will Soon Buy Fujifilm X10, at least Fuji understands what was missing on the market!! I tried the P7000 but I was not that happy with it.

    For Eric, Samsung EX1 is not so bad, Samsung EX1 sensor is better than the Nikon P7000 and P7100 (Since Nikon both the models have same sensor)|0/%28brand%29/Samsung/%28appareil2%29/681|0/%28brand2%29/Nikon

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  • Derek Comer

    i own a G12 and wouldnt swap it for anything, i was at my niece’s wedding the other month and even thou i had my Nikon D7000 with me, i took 90% of the photos with the G12,, such an fantastic piece of kit,,as for specks, you can take or leave it, i own a Panasonic FT2 and i think the photos that come out of that are RUBBISH, i only ever use it now for underwater video and if im going away for a MAD weekend with my mates “you can drop it and it doesnt break”,, thou saying that mine did break, it let sea water in because the seals were split, still under warrenty that god

  • Graham

    Have to agree with Dave and Eric. Even here specs only show at best that photo-sites are likely the same size in the X10 if not smaller. So give us the raw files at various ISO settings. We know what we’re looking for.

  • Sun Lai Yung

    Thanks, the comparison was very useful. I will go for the X10.

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  • Deon

    I have the Fuji X100. It is a great shooting platform, just require a little zoom sometimes. Will therefore add the Nikon P7100 to my collection.

  • […] A quick reminder to Fuji X10 features, 12Mp 2/3″ EXR CMOS sensor, 28-112mm (35mm equiv) zoom with an f/2.0-2.8 aperture and manual zooming capabilities. RAW shooting and in-camera RAW processing, Best-in-class 1080p HD movie recording capabilities See more at Fuji X10 vs Nikon P7100 vs Canon G12 […]

  • Don’t confuse the P7000 with the P7100, there’s more to image quality than a simple pixel count; look at the D700 which is only 12 Mp yet delivers stunning images, in fact……. to high a Mp count can increase noise on picture quality. I’ve just ordered my P7100 and am looking forwards to trying it out.

  • Joe A Bad Saint

    I agree with some of you guys. Specs don’t mean anything until the final product is released and reviewed. I am in the hunt for one of these new mirrorless compact cameras. It got to a point I don’t want to tote a bulky SLR anymore. It still is a matter of preference, I know. I myself, is a Canon fan. Hopefully, they release something in November. As of now, until I see sample of high (3200 – 6400) ISO shots of the Fuji X10, my decision is on hold.

  • Joe A Bad Saint

    Oops! I meant to specify sample 800-3200 ISO shots. Not 3200-6400.

  • A. Thom

    Fuji X10 features same sensor technology as X100, The test done buy fuji shows shoes Fuji have better sensor then G12.

  • Joe A Bad Saint

    Well, with the new sample images on Fuji website and if there was no post processing done on any of the pictures, it seems the X10 is another winner from Fuji. The exposure of the pics were just superior and accurate. I am really close to locking in to a decision here. ‘Just wanna wait a few a more days for Canon to release its own mirrorless (post G12) version in November.

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  • Yan

    True The spec don’t mean all ! My 12 million 4/3 Olympus E-5 gives me better looking prints than my 21 million FF canon 5d Mark II ( after resizing in perfect resize ). But i Think The fuji will be a better camera with the EXR processor and is optical viewfinder.

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