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Firmware Update

Fujifilm X-T2 / X-T1b Coming Soon

Fujifilm X-T1 successor coming with minor hardware upgrade, the name (may be X-T1b or X-T2) and specification is not confirmed yet but the camera will feature few minor upgrade and possibly an higher resolution viewfinder. The camera is rumored to arrive on June 2014.

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7 comments to Fujifilm X-T2 / X-T1b Coming Soon

  • walt

    Every few months a new camera; did you forget your valuable customers who
    already own one of your cameras? Instead of new cameras each few weeks you should
    update your accessory list. Why to hell have I to wait several months for an
    updated eye cup for the XT1? Why did you not add the improved eye cup to the
    XT1 to begin with? Have we “customers” to do your designer job?? Or is it
    simply a method to generate additional revenue and cheat your customers.
    ..and where are all these WR lenses you promissed? None are available yet and you
    do not communicate with your customers!!! Customer service non existant!!!
    Insetad of new cameras- you should add some meaningful accessories like for macro, as an example; auto extension tubes or a real macro lens not one 1:2.

    I am simply fed up, Fuji. Your customers will stay away from Fuji.
    Pleass reconsider your present marketing policy or better exchange all
    MANAGING MKTG. STAFF by peaple who are closer to photographers.

    I am selling all my present stuff being extremely disapointed !!!
    Chaio Fuji !!!

  • walt

    One add question:
    is any one prepared to purchase a new camera each and every few
    months? I had a Hasselblad 500EXL for 25 yrs, just recently I sold it
    and got a good price for it.

    Where are these days ???


  • Roelof

    So far it’s just a rumour. That’s why I don’t understand that people react so furiously. And even if Fuji replaces the X-T1, let’s await their explanation. Fuji is known for their customer friendly approach ( see for instance software updates for ‘outdated’ cameras). So just wait and see.

  • walt

    Fuji should complete the X- system with additional
    and meaningful accessories instead of bringing out new cameras every few months.
    The X -System is not complete for all photographic applications as such,
    thus design priority should be somewhere else.

  • Mike Swarbrick

    Guess this made up my mind…buying the olympus e-m1…

  • Milo

    Fuji, Nikon, Canon, Sony… all have the same marketing tactics. They will never make a perfect camera, they will always leave you wanting in order to sell you the next version. Whatever replaces the X-T1, I will bet they take away features/functions to make way for new ones… it’s just a marketing ploy to keep suckers buying the latest and greatest. No they absolutely don’t care about throwing your gear into obsolescence a year after you bought it, after all we live in a disposable society and it’s just fair game. I bought my D300 in 2007 and now looking to go to a mirrorless system. I will buy as much of the new technology as I can afford and live with it for years because upgrading every year is insane… if you can afford that then good for you! My point is, if you’re thinking of jumping off the Fuji ship (Any ship) thinking it’s better on the other side… you’re fooling yourself!!!

  • Paul Reading

    The reason for the frequent upgrades is because technology is still improving and to keep selling cameras you have to keep adding new features or your cameras won’t sell. As it happens, I suspect that both Fuji and Sony are going to be pretty stable with 20mp sensors. They seem to be the sweet spot between resolution and low light sensitivity. The X-T1 is a fabulous camera let down by its sensor, the sensor is good but the competition is more up to date.

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