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Fujifilm HS50 vs Fujifilm SL1000

Fujifilm HS50 vs Fujifilm SL1000Fujifilm HS50 vs Fujifilm SL1000 specification comparison review, Fuji HS50 features newly developed Hybrid CMOS sensorĀ  with 41.7X zoom lens and world fastest AF time of 0.05 sec on the other hand SL1000 features 50X Megazoom lens with 16Mp BSI CMOS sensor and contrast detect AF system with AF speed of 0.20 Sec, take a look at details comparison review below

Fujifilm HS50 vs SL1000


Both the sensor have same resolution but

  1. HS50 sensor is bit bigger compared to SL1000
  2. HS50 sensor have AF points so overall AF performance is better, HS50 allows you to use face tracking AF even in video mode.
  3. SL1000 features BSI CMOS sensor and bit better lower/base ISO range.

AF Type/Speed

The HS50 features Hybrid AF system (Contrast detect + Phase AF system) and the SL1000 features contrast detect AF system.

  • The AF Speed of Fuji HS50 is 0.05 sec
  • The AF speed of Fuji SL1000 is 0.2 seconds in fastest conditions

Optical Zoom

Fujifilm SL1000 features 50X optical Zoom, the HS50 is limited to 41.7X only.


FujiHS50 features better shutter range with Hybrid shutter (Electronic and mechanical), SL1000 features mech. shutter with limited range.


Both camera full HD movie recording (1080p) at up to 60 frames per second.

Video AF – Fujifilm HS50 features phase detection AF while recording video.

Fuji HS50 vs Fuji SL1000

other features

  • Fuji HS50 features bit better Continuous shot mode.
  • HS50 have Fully articulated display whereas SL1000 have tilting display.


Fuji HS50 have advance Sensor design
Fuji HS50 have Hybrid AF system.
Fuji SL1000 have more zoom range (8.3X)
Fuji HS50 better shutter range
Fuji HS50 features Phase AF system can be used while recording video.
Fuji SL1000 cost less than Fuji HS50 (you save $150 if you buy SL1000)

Fujifilm SL1000 is a feature rich camera with 50X optical zoom but missing advance core specification like Fuji HS50, If you want to buy a Megazoom camera SL1000 is best for you but based on overall specification comparison, Fuji HS50 is a clear winner.

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