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Firmware Update

Fuji XQ 10 And Fuji XF 10 Coming


Fuji X Q2 was announced back on January 15 2015. The camera was having a 12 megapixel X-Trans CMOS to sensor with Phase detect auto focusing system. At that time XQ2 was one of the world fastest compact cameras while having focusing speed of 0.06 seconds. However, Approx a year ago the XQ2 camera production was discontinued by Fuji and no update arrived till now. Good News is, Now we have received confirm set of information from Japanese sources that, Finally Fuji registered a new Trademark name of Fuji XQ10. And that clearly indicates Fuji is now in the mood to announce the successor of the premium compact camera XQ2 in near future.

We are the first one to share this information with you that yes the successor of Fuji Q2 successor is coming for sure. Not only Fuji XQ10 Fuji also registered two more different names. And the other two name is Fuji XC10 and Fuji XF10. We all know that Fuji also runs a compact series camera under the brand name of XF and there was a rumor in the past that Fuji XF10 is coming in the year of 2018.

Fuji XF10 also Coming

Back on December 2017 we have told you that Fuji XF10 camera is coming and not the X80. Now we have more confirmed set of information directly coming from Japanese sources that Fuji has registered a new Trademark name Fuji XF 10. So, now there is no space for rumours, because all we have is the confirmed set of news that is the Fuji XF10 camera is set to arrive in near future. But at the same time we don’t know the Core specification that is going to arrive along with the XF10. But we will going to update you soon as we get any new information. Take a look below at the screen shot of XF10 Trademark.


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1 comment to Fuji XQ10 And Fuji XF10 Coming

  • Tina Edwards

    How sure are you that the XQ10 is a bona fide replacement for the XQ2? There seems to be a lot of confusion on various websites about what this camera may, or may not, actually be. Some are arguing that it won’t be a replacement for the XQ2 but something entirely different!

    Fuji have apparently phased out the 2/3rds sensor used in the X30 & previous XQ cameras. They’re also on record (Fuji Guys) as stating that the 1″ sensor market is overcrowded. This implies that they’re not planning to enter this segment of the camera industry (unless they’ve changed their minds of course).

    If the XQ10 isn’t just a fantasy rumour what size sensor can we expect? Not 2/3rds or 1″ it would seem. Any likelihood that Fuji may compete with Panasonic’s forthcoming LX200 by giving the XQ10 a MFT sensor? Fuji are (or were at least) part of the MFT collective.

    Any thoughts?

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