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Fuji X100F Coming in February 2017

Fuji X100F image

We have revived some hints related to the upcoming Fuji X100F camera from a anonymous source. According to the source the upcoming Fuji X100F is ready and reaching in hands of many photographers / test-shooters and from December onward we can see massive leaks including images, specification, sample image, and more in rumor mills.

The camera expected announcement date is somewhere between January and March of next year, say February of 2017.  The announcement date isn’t fixed yet.

The same source also said the Fuji X-100F will carry the same X-Pro 2 sensor as he have mentioned earlier [here].

Take it as big grain of salt. Do share the among others X shooters.

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5 comments to Fuji X100F Coming in February 2017

  • Neal

    Thanks for the information. As far we know that Fuji us already discontinued the X100F camera a while ago. So the announcement of X100F camera is bit logical.

  • Canonpro

    Will Fuji make another near perfect camera?

    The Big problem I have faced while using the X100T camera is fixed 23mm lens. Fuji Need to contact sigma and they should develop a APS-C sensor camera with fixed aperture.

  • Stella

    Hey, Some guy’s posted this news on Facebook

    Joao Ferreira de Figueiredo
    November 17 at 4:40am
    thanks for adding me Hugo. The X100f will be announce in February, in the meantime ambassadors will start testing them in December.

  • admin

    I personally don’t know the guy and I am getting this news from you. I have posted what I have received in mail box. The Most important thing I was holding this rumor for more than 2 weeks to get additional information related to that. Finally yesterday I posted my information what I received 2 weeks ago. Now other websites will copy and paste the same without mentioning our website as source link as they do always.

  • Natasha

    Fuji X100 camera really sucks. I don’t know why people are waitn 4 this cam ? when u can get Sony A7 fullframe camera with Kit Lens under the same price tag of your future camera ?

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