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Firmware Update

Fuji X-T30 Images Leaked

Finally, we have the images of the Fuji X-T30 camera, the camera said to feature same sensor as of Fuji X-T3 camera.  On the rear side of the camera we have a joystick, instead of D-pad. So, finally We will be a getting a affordable Fuji X-T3 camera very soon. We have told you back on January 10, 2019 Fuji X-T30 Camera Registered, announcement in next few months

The top of the camera look exactly same as of Fuji X-T20 camera. As usual we get lot extensive manual controls with Fuji Camera.

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3 comments to Fuji X-T30 Images Leaked

  • Himadri Narayan Basu

    Looks interesting with its Specification.

  • I own a X-T20 and I am bit disappointed from both Fuji and X-T3. They did very little work on the sensor and that reflects the sales of the camera. Also they lowered build quality. I really prefer the buttons instead of a single joystick.

    Bottom line, X-T30 will follow X-T3 bad sales, and Sony will soon announce a6xxx or a7xxx and will wipe the competition. Of course we talk about much more inexpensive camera compared to Sony or Nikon and… m43 Olympus, but when you work closely with freaking Samsung, STOP BUYING SENSORS FROM SONY and bring your own stuff!

    X-T3 sensor is one step ahead and half step behind compared to X-T2.
    Personally, I’d give up everything If I could buy a brand new NX1 with f2-2.8 glass…

  • Odin

    That grip is terrible, like my old Olympus E-M5, so sad they didn’t fix it from X-T20.

    Sony will never release the lenses like Fuji for APS-C, Fuji will still do well, but I’d prefer FF and that’s why Sony will kill the, The pricing of the new Canon EOS RP will make life very difficult for Olympus and Fuji,why have APS-C when you can lighter, cheaper FF and the lenses are already coming thick and fast and are really good.

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