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Fuji X-T3 Rumored Specification and More Details...


A while ago we have told you that Fuji XT 3 camera, Fuji XF10 (Amazon | B&H) as well as Fuji GFX 50R is rumored to arrive on photokina 2018. Out of these 3 camera we have already seen the announcement of Fuji XF10 camera. According to latest rumors, Fuji is now set to announce the Fuji XT 3 camera on or before the photokina 2018 event.

Fuji XT-3 Specification [Unconfirmed]

  • Upcoming camera is set to feature 26 megapixels newly developed X Trance sensor
  • 20 frames per second continuous shooting speed with continuous autofocus support.
  • No in camera image stabilization
  • The display screen will going to have touch functionality
  • Improve battery performance
  • the camera will going to be manufactured in China

Fuji X-T3 Registration Details

Take a look the other details we have related to the upcoming Fuji XT 10 camera via trusted Japanese sources. Fuji X-T3 registered model code is FF 180003 and here are few more details

FF 180003
made in China
Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
Distance to antenna (* Radio component [including antenna] size is 9.5 mm × 15 mm × 2 mm )

Fuji X-T3 Body Sketch

The body sketch of the camera is coming from the FCCID details, the sketch just shows the position of WiFi antenna of Fuji X-T3 camera. However, we can get a clear concept of body design by looking at the rough sketch

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5 comments to Fuji X-T3 Rumored Specification and More Details…

  • Odin

    So does this mean they have eliminated rolling shutter via some means such as stacked sensor, otherwise 20fps might be wasted you can only shoot slowly moving subjects.

  • Rainer

    … at least the processor capability should be increased. – Enhanced battery (life) could mean either larger battery or less power consumption; given the processor capability, I tend to say they will use a better batt; pun intended: That would really be a plus; together with the touchscreen (finally…) 🙂

  • Tony Bennett

    No In-camera stabilisation??? Serious omission and deal-breaker. I’ll stick with the T2.

  • Marco

    If the XT-3 really has no image stabilisation, than there is no reason for me to buy it. Instead i would prefer a cheaper XT-2.

  • admin

    We can’t comment on rolling shutter issue X-T3 right now, but let’s hope they have done something to make it better the previous gen of X series camera.

    @Tony @Marco
    I agree, Fuji should keep the IS ON inside the camera, it’s not logical to remove IS from X-T3. Hope the rumored specs are not true 🙂

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