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Firmware Update

Fuji UK - We Don't Manufacture Bridge Cameras Anymore

No More Fuji Bridge Cameras coming in near future – We have got a official reply from Fuji UK that they are out from Bridge camera business. Take a look what said when we have asked about  X-S1 sucessor

Hi, thank you for contacting Fujifilm UK. Unfortunately, we don’t manufacture bridge cameras anymore. Please see link below for our current line of products: Kind regards

Those who are waiting for Fuji X-S2 OR HS50EXR successor, they have to switch to Sony RX10, Panasonic FZ1000 OR Canon G3X. We will update you soon as we get any new information, take a look at the screen shot of reply we have got from Fuji.

Fuji reply

Okay in a recent update Fuji film also confirmed us that they are not planning any schedule firmware update of the Fuji X-S1 camera.

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5 comments to Fuji UK – We Don’t Manufacture Bridge Cameras Anymore

  • subrato

    Bad news, X-S1 was a great camera.

  • Hugo

    Terrible news as I’m a Fiji follower. This will surely leave a massive hole to be filled. RIP What a tragedy. 😢

  • etudiant

    Bridge camera buyers are one time customers, they don’t need additional lenses. Consequently they are getting the back of the hand, first from Canon, then Olympus and now Fuji.
    Weird thing is the Sony RX10 series is selling well by all accounts, so there is a good market for upscale bridge cameras. But the existing players don’t seem interested.

  • Dave Haynie

    I had pretty much guessed this… my X-S1 is up on eBay right now, and I treated myself to a Sony RX10 mk IV for my birthday a week ago. It’s a shame Fujifilm lost interest, as the X-S1 was the first really decent (and pricey) bridge camera anyone made. Sony’s are expensive, but that lens is just insane. I can’t go with Canon, the no-viewfinder thing is a non-starter… shame, the G3X has the same range at half the price, though a bit slower as well. Panasonic for video, maybe, but they need to get their Leica boys to step up the image quality.

  • Becky

    Agree with the X-S1 being superb!

    Mine died – the power switch failed… and nobody – including Fuji – could or would repair it…. It’s still gathering dust… I haven’t had the heart to toss it in the bin. Mind you – my original bridge cameras with the 6x zooms are still working fine!

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