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Fuji is Buying Nikon ?

Nikon Fuji image

From past two to three days the entire environment has been heated up by a news – Fujifilm to buy Nikon, is it true ?

If you look at the operating income of both the companies then it look Fuji is more healthier compared to Nikon, the operating income of Fuji  for the year 2015 then was approx 3000 billion dollars where as the Nikon remains limited to 900 billion dollars.

One of the biggest problem for Nikon is they are camera company[Only] they are limited optics and imaging products., they have no other source of income as the Fuji have, it includes medical equipment, chemicals, softwares and more…

Now let’s talk about the source of information those who are claiming that Nikon can be sold in the hands of Fuji film.

First of all Nikon is going nowhere so don’t panic,  even if we read the news very loudly and clearly then only one thing is clear that Japanese government doesn’t want a foreign company or investor to invest in Nikon. They want to keep Nikon in Japan and that’s may be the truth.

Let’s look at the details

According to information coming from Sentaku (reputed japanese mag)

Reconstruction observation of Nikon and Fujifilm Holdings (HD) prestigious precision equipment including single lens reflex cameras is rapidly emerging. It is said that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the main bank of Nikon, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (B …”

They always publish few lines on website and for all Entire article you have to buy a print edition of the magazine…

From the above 5 to 4 lines we are not able to get any  detailed piece of information that support Fuji is buying Nikon.

According to a Japanese blogger and Sentaku reader, after reading the entire article in Sentaku writes

the Ministry of International Trade and Industry are intermediating and are trying to attract them [Nikon] to Fujifilm.”

From the line above we can assume that Japanese government is finding a Japanese company that going to help Nikon and bring out from crisis.

For that Fuji can buy some percentage of Stake in Nikon to help them and bring out from crisis.  That’s all.

 We will update you soon as we get any new information.


6 comments to Fuji is Buying Nikon ?

  • Stella

    Nice and its a good move.

    Nikon is depended on Sony and other third party companies for sensor solutions. If, Fuji join hands with Nikon both of them will sure touch a new height.

    Fuji Can announce FF Mirrorless systems with X-Trans sensor under Nikon brand name compatible with FX mount. They will sure going to dominate FF Mirrorless camera market.. by beating A7 series

  • Diljeet Singh Garewal

    One thing I understand is Nikon in Trouble. I have invested a lot in Nikon systems, I run a wedding photography company and I have more than 50 Nikon D750 systems and a large number of photographers team that work for me.

    BTW, from now on I will going to invest in Canon system and lenses.

  • Gifan46

    This news could be a possible merger but not a sale!
    Against Nikon there is a whole world and you do not understand why. The mass unaware of its value, chatters and always goes for market rivals as they are the vanguard of technology! Nikon is not just about cameras but, indeed, the sensors for all other cameras, including Sony, which travels under much more critical conditions than Nikon!
    Take care of people and do not drink all that the internet suggests!

  • etudiant

    Fuji is part of the Mitsui family of firms, as is Sony, while Nikon is part of the Mitsubishi group.
    It would truly be astounding for these two entities to get together. It makes industrial sense, but long term rivalries die very slowly.


    I love Nikon, all photos that I´ve taken are from Nikon. But, the evolution the future is mirrorless. So, Nikon I need a real Nikon mirrorless with view finder, or I´ll move to Fuji.

    Fuji please buy Nikon. I need the best of two world.

  • Dave Haynie

    You might want to check your numbers… Fujifilm didn’t make US$3 trillion in 2015. Yen, maybe? And what either company made in 2015 is rather meaningless, as we’re going into 2020.

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