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Fuji GFX 100S Camera Coming with 100MP MF BSI Sensor [Rumor]

So, after development announcement we may see official camera announcement next year.  The specs are not know yet, except the fact the upcoming camera is said to have 100 MP Medium format sensor. But at the same time its FSI or BSI, no one knows yet.

Before any Rumor mills started speculating anything, back on November we have told you that Sony  announced 100 and 150 megapixels BSI medium format sensor. And we were also the first website to told you that these sensor may get user inside the Fuji, hasselblad or maybe Phase 1 medium format camera.

Now let me know you that Sony have 3 different variants of a 100 megapixel medium format sensor and 2 different variants of 150 megapixel medium format sensor.

The three different variants of the hundred megapixel medium format sensor includes one sensor based on BSI CMOS Technology, the other two sensor are based on (FSI) CMOS technology and but one of them is black and white are you can say it some monochrome sensor.

The problem with 100MP BSI MF Sensor

The BSI CMOS medium format 100 MP sensor is not available commercially [see list of commercially available sensors]. So, if  Fuji have good relationship (and they do have also) with Sony then only it’s possible to get the 100 megapixel BSI version. Otherwise, the BSI version is not available commercially to others at the moment.

Fuji next Medium format camera with 100MP BSI Sensor

Of course yes, we do believe that Fuji  will going to announce it’s nest MF camera with 100MP BSI CMOS sensor.

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4 comments to Fuji GFX 100S Camera Coming with 100MP MF BSI Sensor [Rumor]

  • With a really fat banktoll, I could like this thing 🙂

  • Fuji is developing sensors alongside Samsung. So, forget Sony on the long run.

  • Rob

    “The BSI CMOS medium format 100 MP sensor is not available commercially [see list of commercially available sensors].”

    That webpage shows only two Sony sensors.

    The Sony IMX211AQE and IMX211ALE MFs 4.2” format (67mm diagonal) CMOS sensors (pixel size 4.6 microns) primary operating modes are 14bit 101Mpixel at 2fps and 16bit 101Mpixel capable of 0.85fps.

    Also available are two more Sony’s and one Canon sensors.

    Framos’ website lists the Sony IMX411ALE-C (mono) and IMX411AQR-C (color), 66.7 mm diagonal (Type 4.2), CMOS active pixel type image sensors with a square pixel array and 151 Megapixels. 16-bit digital output makes it possible to readout the signals of 151 Megapixel at high-speed of 2.0 frame/s in still picture mode. Framos also lists the IMX211AQE-C.

    Over at the Canon website their 120MXSC and 120MXSM 120MP APS-H (29.22mm x 20.20mm) CMOS sensors (pixel size of 2.2 microns) outputs data in 10 bit at 9.4 fps, producing 18 gigabits of data each second.

    Way back on September 7, 2015 in a news release titled: “Canon develops APS-H-size CMOS sensor with approximately 250 megapixels, the world’s highest pixel count for its size” Canon announced a beast which is not yet commercially available, but probably could be if someone wanted to buy enough of them.

  • admin

    Yes, waiting for and X-trans sensor based medium format camera.

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