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Firmware Update

First Image of Leica Q Typ 116 Leaked


We now have the first image of upcoming Leica Q fullframe compact camera, I am really impressed to see the design and the specification of the Typ 116, take a look at the major features below

Leica Q Typ 116 Major Features

Lens: Summilux 1: 1.7 / 28mm ASPH
24MP CMOS full frame sensor
Made in Germany
Full HD Video
Built-In Wi-Fi
Remote control possible from smartphones and tablet
The top of the cover is machined aluminum
The body is magnesium
Touch panel
Focus peaking
Live View zoom
EVF is 3.68 million dot
Image processing engine new Maestro II
Continuous shooting up to 10 frames / sec.
Highest sensitivity ISO 50000

The announcement is expected on June 11, 2015… we will update you soon as we get any new image or any other info. Till than stay with us.

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source – digicame-info

4 comments to First Image of Leica Q Typ 116 Leaked

  • nice. they should make 35 and 50 versions asap.

  • DAVE01

    28mm is too wide for me. Would prefer 35 or 50.

  • ChatNoir

    I’m not so impressed. This camera could have a credible future with an IL M mount, not with this fixed 28mm ? lens and… at a decent, competitive pricing. It’s none of that. It’s yet another Leica product beyond the very credible M range, which promises to be cutting edge but that doesn’t make sense for 99.99% of the (true) photographers.

  • Mat

    This is a street photography machine.
    Leica is the less conservative camera maker on the market (with Sony). Super paradox. Chapeau.
    28mm is perfect for the first version. 35mm is overrated imho. Chapeau again.
    A portrait/street fashion version (85mm) is a dream. No one produces a fixed (and therefore optimised) 85mm 1.4/1.8 fixed lens camera. In such a body would be a new and instant classic.

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