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Firmware Update

First Image of Canon EOS RP with EG - E1 Extension Grip

Ok, we have received very first images of Canon upcoming EOS RP with EG – E1 Battery Grip. Just few hours ago we have received confirmations that Canon EOS RP is coming with 35mm F1.8 STM kit lens to make the entire package much affordable for a entry level shooter.

Thanks @Dave Haynie

It’s Extension Grip – EG – E1

It’s Canon Extension Grip and Not a battery grip to make your camera. The extension grip is made to make your camera feel bit heavy and big, similar to a entry DSLR. No mention about the presence of extra batteries inside it.

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8 comments to First Image of Canon EOS RP with EG – E1 Extension Grip

  • Joe Prete

    That’s a small Grip! I don’t see any controls. Does it just hold a Battery?

  • Dave Haynie

    I think, in Canon-speak, “EG” means “Extension Grip”, not “BG” = “Battery Grip”. A close look at the skinny slab pictured suggests there is no room for a battery in that grip. Just why one needs an “extension”… did they make the camera too small to go on a tripod with a lens attached?

  • admin

    @Dave Haynie

    Agree with Dave Haynie, waiting for further confirmations

  • Onno van Zijl

    That would be the photographic wright thing to do to make the Rp come out with the 35mm RF lens I would like to buy this ugly canon beast because for the price I would not expect a second card slot unlike the R model, which is in my eyes a big mistake with the hidious function bar and one card slot, stupid ,stupid, stupid. We will see I think very soon that the R will have a RII because the secandhand price of the R is the new price of the Rp that is not normal for a camera out only a few months . I said already at the presentation of the R an overpriced 1200€ camera sold at 2399€ with that stupid function bar instead of the classic thump wheel which we all love dearly ,if you are a Canon fan.

  • Stephen

    Would prefer a 24-70 f4 kit lens!

  • admin

    @Dave Haynie @Joe Prete

    Its extension grip, although battery grip option of RP is also coming through some accessories makers.

  • David Latimer

    That’s not a battery grip. As far as I am aware there is no battery grip for the RP. Thats why I’m not buying one.

  • admin

    David it’s handgrip.

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